Has Your Dish become too salty?!

It happens many times with me that I accidentally end up adding a little more salt than required in a dish hence making the dish too salty and destroying the original taste. I have been going through a lot of books, and sources to find a remedy for this problem and I am able to come up with these solutions. I will keep updating it as and when I find new methods to this problem. Hope you all also find these useful.

  1. If your stew or gravy is too salty, peel a potato, cut into medium size pieces and add to it. Simmer and when the potato is soft lift carefully out. The potato should have absorbed a lot of the saltiness.
  2. Coconut milk also helps reduce the saltiness from a dish.
  3. Try adding a bit of sugar or maple syrup to the dish.
  4. Other ways to disguise saltiness is by adding a small can of tomatoes or a little plain yoghurt, whichever is most suitable for the particular dish involved.
  5. Knead a little besan and make small rolls and add to the gravy. Remove them before serving. These can be re-used to make gatte ki sabji.


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One Response to “Has Your Dish become too salty?!”

  1. Harry Lyle Says:

    when something is too salty I have heard that putting a potatoe in helps get rid of the salty taste. I ve sliced the potatoes and they did not work well. how long do you have to cook them.


    Harry Lyle, After you add raw peeled and sliced, or peeled and cubed potatoes or peeled whole potatoes, let it cook until it has become soft. You can repeat if much of the saltiness has not gone with new batch of cut raw potatoes and later discard the potatoes or use them as per your wish. ~Mona

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