Chanay ki Dal

Fall’s here! My first Fall here in Toronto insallah. I love the trees in this season, with colors of the leaves ranging from red, orange, yellow and some shades of green, nature’s beauty I must say! Earlier I only got to witness these beautiful sceneries in movies, but now I am able enjoy it all right in front of my house! I love to go out on walks, perceiving it all, and I thank my God for making Earth a beautiful place to live in, with all sorts of visual pleasures for humans to enjoy, admire and be thankful.

It has also become cold, and I look forward to the winter, again.. will be my first winter here. My hubby sometimes scares me, telling me about the temperatures going very cold, and it being shivering cold here during the peak in winter. I just am looking forward to see snow all around, hoping it wouldnt be so terrible as described inshallah.

Well, this recipe is one of the most easiest recipes, a Ramadan special served at Iftaars. Its an instant light snack and very nutritious.

Tip: While you are preparing dals, it is always necessary to pre-soak them in surplus water for 4-6 hours preferably. And then to drain and discard the water and wash the dal well in fresh water. The water in which the dal was soaked should never be used for cooking and should always be thrown away coz if you use that water, chances of intestinal gas (flatulence), bloating and abdominal cramps are higher, and you do not want to end up with that. If you do not have time to presoak the dal, you can use it as it is, but you should throw away the water in which you boil the dal.. losing some of the vital water soluble vitamins, so I always only pre-soak my dals. In the later case, you need not throw away the water used to boil it, as the water while soaking them was already thrown away.

Here goes the recipe:

Chanay ki Dal – Lemony Boiled Split Bengal Gram


Split Bengal Gram/Chana Dal – 1 cup
Turmeric – 1/2 tsp
Salt – to taste
Black Pepper Powder – to taste
Finely chopped small green chillies – 1 tbsp
Cilantro – 1/2 cup, finely chopped
Mint leaves – 2 tbsp, finely chopped
Lemon Juice – to taste

Chanay ki Dal


1. Wash and soak the dal for 4-6 hours preferably. Drain the water away and wash them well.
2. Now boil them in warm water, taking care you do not add too much of water to it. When the dal has softened up, make sure it not mushy and still in its shape, (the water shouldn’t be there, it should be dry). So, while boiling water, add only a cup of water and if it dries up before the dal being softened, add little more amount of warm water to it.
3. Remove the dal and add black pepper powder, salt, cilantro, lemon juice and chopped green chillies. Serve it warm.

This delicious dal is my entry to the event ‘Delicious Dals from India’ being hosted by Suma at her blog Veggie Platter.


12 thoughts on “Chanay ki Dal

  1. I enjoy dry dal dishes like this now and then- a bit like a dal pilaf! The sliced green chiles are beautiful against the yellow BTW.

    Nice to hear you are enjoying your first autumn- it is gorgeous- my second-favorite season I think. Winter can be beautiful too, but it is very much a test of patience and endurance and then… after that, spring is stunning! Because over time you find yourself forgetting what green grass and trees with flowers and leaves look like! 🙂

  2. Sorry to post another comment…but I was wondering if we could use whole urad dal to make vadas(from your dahi vada).

    Nabeela, only split urad dal is used for this purpose. ~Mona

  3. so this is your blog! I was wondering if you had one when you left a comment on my post without any link.
    I LOVE boiled chana dal salad. It’s a favorite at my home too. I’m glad you’re making traditional iftaar recipes…cuz I’m not and a lot of people on my blog are asking for iftaar recipes. I’ll just direct them to you!

  4. The fall does make for some beautiful colors and changes….but I think your husband is right about the terrifying cold of winter 😉 I’m not much into the cold and I never look forward to winter, save for the baking part 😀 This is a simple dish, but even simple is soooo tasty!!!

  5. First Fall for you!! Enjoy!!:))
    Winter of course gets very cold, but with all those coats etc you will be alright. We have Fall too but it seems Summer temp. don’t want to leave us still!:D
    Great tips about cooking dal, looks yum!:))

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