Noodle Basket

I have been thinking of sending an entry to the Click Event from a loooong time.

Click is a Theme-Based Food Photography Event. Its very interesting and I love it. This month’s Theme is ‘Noodles’ and I clicked this picture with my Sony Ericsson Camera Phone for the Theme for this month.

Have a Happy Weekend everyone!


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24 Responses to “Noodle Basket”

  1. Beautiful collection of Pasta, photo looks great. Could use a little brightness though!:)

  2. That’s quite a noodle variety! It’s a really cool picture 🙂

  3. Oh, wonderful composition! I actually rather like the monochromatic nature of the picture. Great work, Mona.

  4. Wow! Very nicely arranged and what a wide variety of noodles! Very nice pic Mona!

  5. lovely !! thank you.

  6. Wow very creative..

  7. Work of art! You did that with a cell phone? Showing my age I guess.

  8. oh wow mona…the pic is gr888…u have so many varieties of pastas

  9. That is a great idea for the event! All varieties stacked beautifully!:)

  10. Wow beautiful

  11. that is beatifully done, Mona!
    lovely to look at!

  12. this looks super, but I agree with Asha, could use a little colour.

  13. Lovely arrangement, Mona!

  14. Hi Mona,I am back, thanx for the email very thoughtful of you, the pic is very interesting and I agree that the monochromatic look works very well , great pasta shapes and I wish to demand recipes for each and every one of them :d

  15. Lovely picture Mona that is one good camera on your phone. 🙂

  16. That’s real good quality from a camera phone and what an array of noodles!

  17. Good composition.

  18. very interesting pic mona

  19. Hi Mona,
    You’ve just been tagged for a meme 🙂 Do check out my latest post. And do it only if you have time and you want to, no pressure 🙂

  20. hey Mona, this is a very pretty pic…And if you captured it with a camera phone, it’s even more commendable! lovely click:) good job!


  21. Nice pictures Mona…Great display of the noodles family!!!

  22. i like how you have all those different noodles nicely arranged

    i wish i had so many … i don’t think i’ve even eaten all those

  23. excellent snap

  24. Such a lovely assortment, Mona!


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