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Celebrating First Blog Anniversary

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 Posted in General | 3,071 views 24 Comments »

Zaiqa has today turned one!  Its about an year now since I had been food blogging. I am thrilled and its time to celebrate my One Year Blog Anniversary.   I dont believe its almost an year ... Read more..


Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 Posted in Beef Stock, Black Gram/Urad Dal, Blog Events/Entries/Polls, Canola Oil, Cashewnuts/Kaaju, Chicken Stock, Cilantro/Kothmir (fresh), Curry leaves (dried), Curry leaves (fresh), Dals (Pulses & Legumes), Dried Red Chillies, Fats and Oils/Tel, Fruits/Phal (fresh), Ginger/Adrak, Green Chillies, Green Gram/Moong ki Dal, Lamb/Beef/Mutton/Veal/Sheep, Lemon/Nimbu, Mustard seeds/Rai, Non-Vegetarian/Gosht, Onion/Pyaaz, Salt/Namak, Semolina/Sooji/Suji, Simple Kitchen Tips, Spices & Seasonings/Masaale, Turmeric/Haldi, Vegetables/Tarkariyaan, Yellow Onion/Pyaaz | 12,657 views 14 Comments »

Upma is an another Indian dish which can be had as a snack or can even be had as a filling breakfast.   Tip: Indian cuisine is versatile. Simple techniques and and a ... Read more..

Khatti Dal

Friday, June 20th, 2008 Posted in Canola Oil, Cumin seeds/Zeera, Curry leaves (dried), Curry leaves (fresh), Dals (Pulses & Legumes), Dried Red Chillies, Eid/Ramadhan/Iftaar, Garlic/Lahsun, Green Gram/Moong ki Dal, Hyderabadi special, Kabuli Chana, Red Chilli powder, Red Lentils/Masoor ki Dal, Salt/Namak, Spices & Seasonings/Masaale, Tamarind/Imli, Turmeric/Haldi, Yellow Lentil/Tuvar ki Dal/Toor dal | 37,754 views 16 Comments »

Hyderabadi Khatti Dal is kind of like a lentil soup with a slight tangy flavor due to the addition of tamarind concentrate. Tamarind is the traditional souring agent used for the ... Read more..

Hari Pyaaz aur Malai wale Jhinge

Monday, June 9th, 2008 Posted in Canned Tomato paste, Canola Oil, Cardamom/Elaichi, Cinnamon/Dalchini, Clove/Laung, Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds/Zeera, Dry Desiccated Coconut, Fruits/Phal (fresh), Ginger/Adrak, Green Onion/Hari Pyaz, Lemon/Nimbu, Light Cream, Non-Vegetarian/Gosht, Prawns/Shrimp, Red Chilli flakes, Red Chilli powder, Salt/Namak, Sea-food, Sesame seeds/Til, Simple Kitchen Tips, Spices & Seasonings/Masaale, Turmeric/Haldi, Vegetables/Tarkariyaan | 12,389 views 13 Comments »

This is one of the dishes that I prepare when I do not have much time to spend in my kitchen. These creamy prawns with scallions get prepared quite quickly and contain all the ... Read more..

Dried Fig Jam

Monday, June 2nd, 2008 Posted in Citric Acid, Fig/Anjeer (dried), Food Additives, Fruits/Phal (fresh), Jam and Jelly, Lemon/Nimbu, Sugar/Shakkar, Sweeteners | 27,232 views 21 Comments »

The other day while sorting out the pantry, I found some dried figs which I had bought long time back from the store. They were gorgeous and smelled delectable. Dried ... Read more..