Celebrating First Blog Anniversary

Zaiqa has today turned one! 

Its about an year now since I had been food blogging. I am thrilled and its time to celebrate my One Year Blog Anniversary.


I dont believe its almost an year now since I had been food blogging and with each and every passing day my love and passion for blogging about food and my recipes has only enlarged and advanced. I am learning everyday, about the different cuisines through many of my foodie friends and their wonderful food blogs. And I have made numerous friends through this medium, some of them, my beloved readers who encourage me, and drop lovely words and comments, and some of them, the esteemed and highly talented foodies out there in the ever growing world of food blogging who inspire, teach and present us all with the various ways of whipping up foods into something luscious and tantalizing both for the eyes and palate.

Through this medium I attempt to exemplify the world about the modern Hyderabadi everyday cooking with basic ingredients in a healthful way, the way my elders have been practising, the way my Mummy, Mother-in-law, Naniammi and Dadiammi taught me and the way I am learning each day.

I will try my best to continue food blogging for many more days to come. Thanks for all your lovely comments and words of appreciation and encouragement. 


24 thoughts on “Celebrating First Blog Anniversary

  1. Hi and salaam, Mona.

    Just saw this; belated mubarakbaad :)!

    Your blog is a joy to visit, because it carries with it the whiff of Hyderabad. Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,


  2. congratulations mona for completing one yr ..

    i came to know abt this blog from hyderabadiz competetion. but i am in tough competetion with u. hahaha. i am from hyderabad. i also hv english blog.


    will chek ur blog now..

    keep it up and many more successful years to come for u.. all the best dear.

  3. Good work. You cannot imagine how helpful your blog is to me!! Be assured that your work is vital to many people as they go about their food lives.

  4. Congratulations, Mona!

    May you have many more cheerful blogging years to come. Thanks for all your effort and time in presenting us with awesome Hyd. recipes.

    Take care & Cheers!
    Aisha 🙂

  5. Happy Blog Birthday.
    I know it must be fulfilling to see what you have achieved on your blog.
    Looking forward to more such anniversaries here.

  6. Happy Blog Anniversary Mona! I have loved visiting your brilliant food blog! You are such a talented cook and it has been great knowing you, I can’t wait to see more recipes. 😀

  7. Congrats, Mona! 1 year must be a great occasion to celebrate:) I wish you many more years of blogging:) I am looking forward to my blogaversary too, which is going to be in 2009!

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