Frozen Moment #2 – Cedar Waxing

My every morning in the Summer are woken up by the beautiful songs of this elagant and gorgeous flock of birds along with various others too. So, on one cloudy morning I decided to click a few pictures of them and they posed very well for me.

These birds are called the Cedar Waxwing birds. I nicknamed them, ‘the batman birds’ for the black patch at their eyes 🙂 This one was looking at me while I was clicking it from my bedroom window. Pretty, arent they?!

Have a look at their beautiful feathers. They have a black eye patch lined with white, a creast of feathers on its head, pale yellow belly, a little cluster of bright red feathes on the tip of its wings and the tail, yellow or orange depending on its diet, black feet and a short black bill. 

They feed on the cherries on the tree day long just in front of my bedroom window. They literally destroy all the cherries, bursting them by picking on almost each of the ripe cherry if left unprotected. 

A group of them looking curiously at me,.. “What is this woman doing?!$#..”


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  1. Lovely post I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. I love nature and those birds are so beautiful, how lucky you are to see such a sight from your window Mona. 🙂

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