Announcing RCI:Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine

RCI or Regional Indian Cuisine is an event started by Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine. This month its my turn to host the RCI event for Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine.

I am proud to be a Hyderabadi, to have spent a significant part of my life in ‘Hyderabad‘, to come to know and learn about its exquisite cuisine by my elders. Hyderabad, a princely state, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, once ruled by the descendents of Mughal generals called Nawabs, who were awfully wealthy and lived a life in utmost leisure. Hyderabadi cuisine has the influnce of the Mughalai hauté cuisine. The once Muslim ruler of Hyderabad, the last Nizam, was a direct descendant of a Moghul governer, and was known for the sumptous feasts and his love for fine dining. Hyderabadi Cuisine is an amalgamation of the Moghul Muslim cooking methods, India’s predominant Hindu culture and the Persian Cuisine as well.

Charminar (Image Source:Wikipedia)

Hyderabadi cuisine is age-old, known for its rich and aromatic flavors, with a liberal use of exotic herbs and spices, yoghurt and ghee in their food preperations. If you are ever invited by a Hyderabadi, you will definitely witness an inexhaustible and staunch sense of courtesy, ‘adab’ and graciousness which flows in every Hyderabadi’s blood and is taught to every child born in their house to treat their visitors with. Many people think Hyderabadi cuisine consists of only Non-Vegetarian food, but in fact it also consists of a range of vegetarian dishes, containing a range of spiced vegetables, lentils, peas and beans.

Hussain Sagar (Image Source:Wikipedia)

The glory of Hyderabad, known for its minarets, pearl bazaars, the cuisine, its culture and their ‘ehtemam‘, has always been admired and respected by everyone. The ‘mehmaaan nawaazi‘ of Hyderabadis will definitely make you feel like a noble aristocrat. Food is had on a ‘Dastarkhaan’ which is the dining place where all family memebers sit together and have their food. Normally, on everday basis, a Hyderabadi has a Roti or Khushka and curry, which can be lentils or vegetarian or non vegetarian side-dishes, but on a particular occasion, when there are guests, the ‘mehmaan’ are treated royaly with supreme gentility providing with the best of the food they can provide them with with. Nihari, a slow simmered, thick soup like dish with Lamb shanks in a spicy gravy which is had with a tandoor baked bread called Kulcha or Naan is a famous Hyderabadi breakfast. The other most traditional Hyderabadi breakfast is Khichdi with Qaeema or Qageena and Khatta and a pickle, usually the Mango pickle, or the Kothmir-Pudina wali Chutney to tease the tongue and not to forget the Papads. The special lunches for occasions usually consist of Qorma and Kheema with Tandoori Roti. The ‘fruit biscuits’,etc from the famous Karachi bakery; ‘Osmania biscuits’, ‘Fruit biscuits’, ‘Chand biscuits’, ‘Flower biscuits’, ‘Tie biscuits’, ‘Rote’,etc from Rose bakery are other food items from Hyderabad that I miss a lot. Both Karachi Bakery and Rose Bakery are one the oldest established businesses with food as delicious as ever.

Food being cooked in huge ‘deg’/aluminium pots
at a Hyderabadi wedding

Some of the famous Hyderabadi dishes that I can remember now which I love and miss and crave for always are, Pathar Ka Gosht, Kacchi imli ka Dalcha, Till Ki Chutney, Qubuli, Kacchi Biryani, Double Ka meetha, Baghare baingan, Nihari, Pakki Biryani-Gosht kiMurgh ki, Mirchi Ka Salan, Khichdi, Qageena, Kulfe ki katli, Ambaday aur chanay ki Dal, Til wali Gavar ki phalli, Maat ki bhaji, Chukke ki bhaji, Muqtalif Kofte, Chugar Gosht, Shikampur, Shaami, Do Pyaza, Luqmi, Shirmal, Kheer, Gaajar ka Halwa, Pasinde ka Salan, Bhendi Ka Khatta, Karele ka khatta, Arvi-Gosht ka Khatta, Aloo-Gosht ka Khatta, Boti ka Salan, Marag, Aloo-Methi Gosht, Besan Ka Salan, Sojini ki Phalli wali Dal, Dil Khush, Kulcha, Khatti Dal, Qubani Ka Meetha, Rowghani Roti, Mithi Dal, Mash Ki dal, Sheer Qurma, Tamate Ka Kut, Haleem, Qimah ... the list is long.

Hyderabad is known for ‘Biryani’. I have had the best tasting Biryanis when I was in Hyderabad. I do not usually get to have those kinds in restaurants here oe anywhere else in the world I where I have tried an tasted. I miss my place, where I spent my childhood, and had some of the most excellent food in my life. I enjoy other cuisines as well, but Hyderabadi Cuisine is what I will always love and crave for.

I announce RCI:Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine for the month of August ’08. Through this event I intend to provide a collection of various Authentic Hyderabadi recipes which one can refer to whenever they want. I have seen that there are very few cookbooks and resources which write about Hyderabadi cuisine and showcase the recipes. The rare and outstanding Hyderabadi cuisine seems to be fading away. I invite all Hyderabadis and my readers and friends to come with their versions of Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine, that they have learnt and are familiar of.

The logo that I have created for the event is, feel free to use it:

(Image Source:Wikipedia)

The rules of the event are:

A. Prepare and write about an Authentic Hyderabadi dish that you are familiar of starting today till September 15th ’08. Make sure to click a picture of it. It can be Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, One-Dish meal or a side dish, a Curry, Sweets and Desserts or Meetha.. whatever you wish, but Hyderabadi in origin.
B. Those of you, who are bloggers, shall use the logo, link back to this post (and then update later with a link to the round-up), and send me the entry in the following format:
1) Your name
2) Your blog title
3) Name of the dish
4) Url of the entry
5) Picture of the dish
C. Even those of you who are not bloggers, can send me their entries in the following format:
1) Your name
2) Name of the dish
3) Picture of the dish
D. Send your entries to me with the picture of the recipe. All entries should have a picture of the prepared dish along. If you can, do write a little explaning about the dish.
E. The size of the picture should strictly be 300 pixels wide jpg and jpeg filetypes, height does not matter. Bloggers please upload to your own server/image repository.
F. The last date to submit the recipe is September 15th 2008.

I will post a round-up of all dishes within a few days after the deadline.

So, lets celebrate Hyderarabad this month! Takecare everyone and have an enjoyable long weekend.

Update: September 25th ’08-Here’s a link to the round-up of RCI:Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine event.


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    The auditions date are 8th july mumbai
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    17th july kolkata
    20th july hyderabad.
    U can also drop a mail on the id

    Megha, thanks for letting me know.

  2. What a delightful discovery. I am planning a trip to HYD mid-October. I will be visiting after a period of 35 years. In these intervening years I have grown to appreciate the subtlties of regional indian cuisine.

  3. Hi , i’m h=going to send you my shahi tukda for this event. Also i’ll be lurking around here a lot this coming month. Ramadan is here n i’ll be preparing a lot of traditional food. R u fasting as well ?

  4. asak mona,
    im so xcited to haer abt rci,inshallh i will post a recipe soon,im still yet to decide which one to post.,my best kacche gosh ki biryani or haleem or nargisi kofte…im so confused…wished u allowed me to post all….lol..

  5. asalam-o-alikum; your all recipes is good some one i try it its test good,i love these picture,i live in canada but i love historical place my background pakistan but i know all intrested and loving place ,thanks allah hafiz

  6. Mona, I’ve always wanted to go to Hyderabad but have never had a chance so far. Do hope to someday. I used to make Hyderabadi biryani in my pre-vegan days, but haven’t tried any other food from that region. I can imagine it must be delicious.

  7. Hey Mona, Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.
    I love Hyderabad and love Hyderabadi food. I have been there just once with my parents, and your pics remind me so much about my visit… feel very nostalgic.
    I have a lot of friends from there though, and am crazy about AP food. The spice and hotness is just amazing! Nothing compares to it.
    But the sad part is… I am a vegetarian and dont know of many Hyd. veg dishes… so I dont think I will do justice by cooking any. I am going to wait for your round-up to learn from others!
    Long comment… sorry!

    Divya 🙂

  8. Hi,
    I am new to blog world. Can u please explain me how to send an entry and how to link my receipe to ur blog? I want to participate in this event . Please help me

    Aparna, Welcome! Sending an entry is very easy, to send me an entry, post the recipe you want to sent me on your blog, but use the logo that I have created and link back to this post from your post. Later send me a mail giving me the link to your blogpost, your name and name of the dish that you have sent me for the event. Thats it. I hope you understood me, if not, let me know, I will be glad to again help you out in very detail! ~Mona

  9. AsSalaam Alaykum Mona,
    i’m sending you just one entry. there seems to be a problem with your email or my server. I send you my entry a couple of times, i got a msg not delivered permanent failure error. could you please chk if you got my mail for RCI ? If not ,i may have to try sending again.

    Yasmeen, I just replied you, did you recieve my mail? ~Mona

  10. AsSalaam Alaykum Mona,
    I guess i’ll pick Biryani and Haleem from the tasty and spicy Hyd cuisine. Will mail you my recipes soon.

    take care dear

    Yasmeen, as per the rules, each person is allowed to send only one entry, sorry, but try to send me either of the one please, not both. ~Mona

  11. Great event Mona I will see what I can coem up with. 🙂 I am loving the sound of the Nahari lamb shanks dish; do you have this recipe on your blog? Lovely post I enjoyed reading it very much.

    Jeena, you can go through the recipe for Nihari in the Recipe Index on my blog. ~Mona

  12. hi mona
    first time to ure blog. really nice. i love the pics of hyderabad tht u have put up. looks sooooo pretty. i have friends who stay there and talk abt the all time famous hyderabadi biryani. this is a great event.
    i will try and make somthing and send it in.

  13. What happened to Goa RCI which was supposed to be on from July 15th to Aug 15th? Met the same fate as Kashmir RCI, I guess? Hahaha!

    Good theme Mona, thanks for announcing. unfortunately I will be missing in action but will do it when I come back to blogging!

    RCI goes from 15th to 15th every month btw. Enjoy hosting!:))

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