Frozen Moment #3 – Cultivated Wagon

During my vists to the Kensington Market, I often spot this eco-friendly car and everytime I enjoy watching this unusual sight.

‘Community Vehicular Reclamation Project’ by the Group ‘Streets Are For People’

More about it here and here.


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4 Responses to “Frozen Moment #3 – Cultivated Wagon”

  1. cool!

  2. True mona ,the article is an eye-opener. We have become so much used to the luxury of cars, we forget about the harm we are causing to the environment.

  3. khadeeja trenchard Says:

    hi mona, thankyou for your lovely site.
    i’ve been married to a hyderabadi local for 2 years now and until now found it very hard to find authentic recipes to impress him. i think he thinks i’m punishing him with my cooking! but alas, all is not loss, i havent tried your recipes – but the food styling is enough to impress me already.
    thanks so much

  4. That is indeed a pretty picture

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