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I am immensely happy to update all my readers that my blog has been mentioned in The Telegraph article. This is the first time my blog has been mentioned in any newspaper. However, there is a spelling mistake regarding the title of my blog in that article. When contacted the author said she will not be able to rectify it now.. Regardless, I am immensely elated and joyous. I thank everyone for your support and appreciation.

Yesterday, we witnessed the first glimpse of flurries for this season of winter. I love winter, the use of layers of warm clothes, oceans of lotions, the lovely snowfall, the sparkly sunshine when the rays fall on the snow spead everywhere.. but there are also things that I dont like about winter, like the really short days with the dark setting in by as early as four in the evening, or the immense difficulty in leaving the warm and cozy blanket to get up and get ready in the morning, watery eyes, runny noses, boring darkness, dangerously slippery side walks and the wearisome task of scraping ice after every snowfall.. Nevertheless Canadian winter is a beauty in itself for the tourists (..and just for the first few weeks for the residents here after which we all get irked, fed up..)

After a day of work in these long, chilly and wintry days, one craves for comfort Indian food prepared fresh and ready to enjoy along with a few warm rotis. One such dish that I love is this preperation of Tuvar dal which I had learnt from my aunt.

Tuvar ki dal served along with warm rotis and Sukhi Arvi

Dals are an essential part of an Indian diet. They are prepared in various ways, dry, thin or saucy in consistency, and relished as either a side dish or used to wet rice. They serve as excellent protein sources. Tuvar dal is a little sweeter in comparision to other dals and mostly widely used. It is my favorite dal.

The following Tuvar dal preperation is a regular item in my house. It tastes absolutely yummy along with a vegetable side dish and rotis as a comforting meal for the soul.

Tuvar ki Dal – Yellow Lentils currry


  • Tuvar dal – 1 cup
  • Water – to soak and cook
  • Canola oil – 2 tsp
  • Curry leaves – about 10
  • Cumin seeds/Zeera – 1/2 tsp
  • Canned tomato paste – 3 tbsp
  • Red chilli powder – 1 1/2 tsp
  • Salt – to taste


  • Soak the dal in surplus water for about 6 hours. Later drain the dal and wash it well prior to cooking.
  • Put the washed dal in a tall saucepan along with about 2 cups water and salt and let it cook on medium until the dal is soft but retains its shape. You can add a little water if needed for the dal to cook.
  • Meanwhile, in a frying pan, pour oil and as soon as it warms up, add the cumin seeds and curry leaves. Add tomato paste, red chilli powder and let it cook for 2-4 minutes on medium heat. Dump it all into the saucepan with the cooked tuvar dal. Add a little more water for all the ingredients to get properly mixed together. Let cook for about 5 more minutes. Serve warm.

Suggested Accompaniments: Warm rotis and a vegetarian or non-vegetarian side dish.

Takecare and Keep warm!


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25 Responses to “Comfort food”

  1. tuvar ki daal is my favourite with rotis.,my mom used to make it,its light n tasty..adding tomato paste is new to me

  2. The name itself sounds so comfortable, Mona! 🙂

    Looks awesome.. Me and comfort foods are best friends.. Tuvar ki dal with tomato paste is new though, I will make sure I’ll try your way next time..

  3. Hey! Telegraph is great. dal looks good too

  4. wow!! thats great mona..congrats and best wishes for future!!

  5. Tour dal loos very yummy and creamy. Congrats on being mentioned in Telegraph

  6. Congrats Mona ,you are in news now:)
    Flurries already ,its october. Surprisingly in 2006 it had snowed 4 inches in Cleveland. Though official winter starts Dec 21st,for someone used to tropical climate autumn is the beginning of winter:)
    Dal with roti is indeed a comfort food ,looks delish!

  7. Congrats and dal looks delicious with the roti

  8. Congratulations dear Mona, you deserve it all!!

  9. Congratulations Mona, That’s cool!
    The Toor Dal looks yummy :p

  10. Congratulations Mona for the newspaper! 😀

    This sure would be comforting to me, yummy!

  11. Mona

    Congrats… its great news…

  12. Congrats mona..I knew it was yours..:)…

    dal looks so delicious!..

  13. Hey! Congrats Mona! You really deserved it!

  14. i read that article .. congratulations

  15. Congrats dear! I love the thought of your comfort food right now!

  16. Congrats Mona ! it must be so good to read abt our blog in news paper!

  17. Mona,I’ve an award waiting for you at my blog,please collect:). Have a great weekend:)

  18. Mona, congrats on the great news of being in the news:) This is so cool! Your blog is wonderful and deserved recognition so I am not surprised. Keep up your good work. Loved the lentil dish!

  19. This is my first time on your blog…you have some excellent recipes with amazing pictures!!I shall visit often.

  20. Congrats on the coverage. Let me tell you as a PR professional that it’s not good to correct journalists. They don’t take it well. Just enjoy the fame!

  21. Congratulations dear on this great achievement. The Telegraph is just great

  22. congrats! mona you really have great recipes and i love to visit your blog .
    the daal looks great i’ll try it soon at home.take care.

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    I visited your site sometimes so far.
    You have a cool site.
    I linked your site in my blog.
    I administer a blog talking about cooking.
    Please link to my site in your ones if you like it.

    thank you!

  24. Hi Mona

    Thanks for visiting my blog or I wouldn’t have come across yours! Thats fantastic news about your blog appearing in the papers. How cool.

    Your meal looks delicious, definitely comfort food.

  25. Mona, just so you know, I made this daal and LOVED it! So did the hubbs, so will be making it on a regular basis now. Thks SO much for this recipe 🙂

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