I Feel Terrible

I feel terrible to helplessly watch those dying Palestinians. They are being brutally massacred every minute.

I feel sad and disgusted as the world has become just an onlooker to the slow genocide happening there. Is it so burdonesome for us all to show mere humanity?

I weep in my Salah, beg my Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) for mercy, everytime I think about those people, the everyday havoc they are going through.

No Medical aid, no protection, no proper food or water supply, no income, no job, no permits, no proper fuel supplies, no electricity, no roof to keep safe yourselves and your family…

I am not able to sleep or eat properly, enjoy any of the luxuries that Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) has bestowed me with alhamdulillah after apprehending the situation there in Palestine.

Let us all stand united against Israeli siege to Palestine. Let us all be Pro-Justice and play our part in bringing a little hope to the innumerable homeless families in Palestine. Let us all PraySupportVolunteer, Donate, Do whatever possible for Palastine as much as possible everyday and spread the word.

Let us raise our hands to pray to our God for mercy, justice and peace.

(Note: I have been receiving some racist comments from a few people repeatedly on this post. Comments have been closed for that reason)


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3 Responses to “I Feel Terrible”

  1. Yeah it is heart wrenching to see,infants getting killed mercilessly,or young boys/girls crying in pain,life for them,who survived after the war will not be the same ,with their houses destroyed,loved ones killed or severely disabled,May Allah give them sabar,and the strength to carry on…and jannath to those who got killed,..Aameen

  2. Completely agree with you. Words elude me and it is difficult to express how it really feels. I just wish we could do more than this and it is so disgusting to see people in position shamelessly abusing their power

  3. It is a genocide, a thing that most of the Israelis are familiar with and yet do the same to the Palestinians let alone have empathy for them.

    The UN is a big joke and the US (world police) plays a hypocritical role when it comes to this issue.

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