Puran ke Laoz

Chana dal, or split bengal gram are an essential item among Pulses in Indian cooking. The other dals most commonly used by indians in their everyday cooking are Tuvar dal or yellow lentils, Masoor dal or Red lentils. These three pulses or dals are the basic source of protein intake in an Indian, chiefly vegetarian diet. Mostly savory dishes are prepared out of dals, but a few of the sweet dishes like the one I am writing today are my favorites.

Chana dal and a block of Jaggery/Gud

My Ammi prepares the following halwa a lot. It brings back many sweet memories from my childhood. It is a simple meetha, which everyone will enjoy, and it is healthy too. It has got chana dal which are rich in proteins, ghee which has got many health benefits and lots of nuts to add flavor and richness.

This meetha is quite subtly sweetish in taste. Once this meetha is done, it is spread out evenly on a flat greased dish and left to set until cool. It is then cut into diagonal pieces, hence called laoz. You can always add more sugar or khoa for flavor according to your preferences. The prepared chana dal or split bengal gram paste is called as ‘Puran’. It is also used as a stuffing for Parathas, just like Aloo Parathas, to prepare ‘Mitthi Roti’, and also as a filling in the ‘Halwa/Puran Puri’ which are the halwa stuffed deep fried pastries/puri which I will write about soon. Khoa and nuts are added to the Puran for that purpose.


It is better to prepare this meetha in a non-stick heavy bottomed kadai or saucepan, so that it wont stick to the bottom and burn. A kadai is a deep Indian kitchen utensil. It is wok shaped, has thick walls, usually used to for deep frying purpose. Mine is a new addition to my kitchen utensils, recently gifted to me by my MIL.

Puran ke Laoz – Bengal gram Halva


Chana Dal – 1 cup
Sugar – 75 grams
Jaggery – 40 grams
Powdered cardamom pods – 1/4 tsp
Khoa – 3 tbsp
Ghee – 2 tbsp
Finely chopped nuts (walnuts, pistachio, almond, pine nut) – 1/8 cup
Slivered nuts – for garnish

Puran ke Laoz – Bengal gram Halva

-Soak the dal for about 3-6 hours in surplus cool water. Later, drain and wash the dal. Pressure cook the dal in fresh cool water, until it is soft. Let cook until there is little or no water left. Once cool, puree it to a fine paste in a blender.
-Grease a stainless steel thali or any swiss roll tin with a little oil/ghee. Keep aside.
-Put the paste into a non-stick Kadai at medium heat. Add the powdered cardamom powder, ghee, jaggery, sugar and khoa. Mix well and keep stirring continously and let it cook until it thickens, no longer sticks and leaves sides of the pan. It will take around 20 minutes (time depends on the amount of water in the paste). Once done, stir in the chopped nuts. This is the Puran. Put the puran on the greased thali or swiss roll tin and spread it evenly to a thickness of 1 cm or half inch. Flatten the surface using a flat spatula. Once a little bit cool, put it in the refrigerator for an hour to serve later.
You can store these meetha stacked in an air tight food storage box for upto a month.


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12 Responses to “Puran ke Laoz”

  1. Looks so sweet and mouthwatering, I think dal makes great sweet dishes!

  2. The halwa looks wonderful, never heard of preparing halwa with bengal gram. Nice recipe Mona!

  3. shaikhmohammed Says:

    sweet and simple halwa preparation monajee. thanks a lots for such recipe.

  4. meetha looks delicious…. nice picture

  5. Hi Mona, one doubt if you dont have khoa is it ok, what can we use to substitute khoa,as I dont know where we get khoa here,aaaaaah Mona ,my mom makes the world’s best pooran ki roti, I mean ‘haath ki taaseer’and the pooran ke laus, I ate long back my naani used to make, my mom did not learn that recipe, but as kids we used to watch them making some chapati sort of thing then layering with pooran,then again chapathi,and that chapati was light yellow, dont know exactly because it is only a vague memory,any idea what that was?

    Syeda, you can use Ricotta cheese instead of Khoa. Search for khoa in Indian stores at the cold section, or ask them for help. Inshallah I will put up the recipe for Puran ki roti very soon~Mona

  6. Mona..Halwa looks so yummy. love to try this recipe, as it just calls for 2tbsp of ghee, and looks so yummy!

  7. Thanks for the introduction and education to this sweet version of using lentils.

  8. Salaam,
    I have been waiting for this recipe I have an idea but I always messes up with the measurement since our parents never used any kind of measurement.. everything was based on zara sa yeh daalo..thoda sa woh daalo.. so I will try with this measurement and see how it turns out.
    JazakAllah for posting

  9. Looks beautiful and mouth-watering. Good picture.

  10. I love sweets like this, so YUMMY!

  11. Salam Mona,
    I tried the Puran ke Loz. They turned out great. My husband really liked them. My MINLAW who is from Hyderabad, wasn’t happy seeing me use Khoa and not boiling the Dal in Milk. But that made the job so much easier. It was easy BHUNOING it because of KHOA.
    Jazak Allah

  12. Salamalaikum Mona,
    I wanted to make this for a party. How many lauz does one cop of channa daal make? Does the halwa spread over an entire cookie sheet tray or should I double the recipe for this amount?

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Nazia, I do not remember exactly, but I do not think halwa of one cup of chana dal will spread over an entire cookie sheet.

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