Kiwi Fruit

Kiwifruit ~ an egg shaped, brown, thin and furry skinned fruit, rich in Vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals, fibre and antioxidants, also called as Chinese Gooseberry and native to China, with syrupy bright emerald green inner flesh and flecked attractively with tiny edible black seeds, and white rays that shoot out from the center. Its peel is inedible

To remove the flesh, cut the fruit into half, and scoop it out using a spoon. Slice it and serve immediately. It tastes deliciously sweet and tart, similar to strawberry.

Did you know: Kiwi fruit is also used as a meat tenderizer as it contains a protein dissolving enzyme.


10 thoughts on “Kiwifruit

  1. you know what, why papaya is used as meat tenderizer while u marignate ur kachi biriyani or other stuff. Papaya is rich in protein called papain. This protein is an enzyme that cleaves other proteins and thus tenderizes the meat. That is the biochemical basis for the use of papain. Other tenderizers which u can use is raw fresh spleen, as it is a rch source of proteases. Thats how it works. Kiwi has nothing to do as tenderizer unless it is rich in proteases. Its a nice site and i enjoy reading stuff.
    Allah Hafiz

  2. Salaam Mona, first of all a very impressive website, and the way you describe any fruit, you simply enhance it in your beautiful words! May Allah bless you and may you keep on making us all hydersbadis proud!

  3. Yeah Kiwi is really good,and I can say it is a visual delight,I just love looking at how beautifully Allah has made it, I mean it looks so beautiful and perfect!

    Syeda, sure it is one of Allah’s wonders for us to admire and enjoy. ~Mona

  4. In answer to the last line, No, I didn’t know that (that it can be used as a “meat tenderizer”); have you ever tried it that way?

    Do you mean I could use it, say, in place of papaya in my biryani 😮 ?

    MJ, I have not used it as a meat tenderizer yet, but I have heard from a few people that they do. ~Mona

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