Fresh and syrupy sweet Sugar-cane! Who would not like them?

Sugarcane, peeled and cubed

Sugar-canes, called as Ganna in Urdu, are easily available in Toronto at many Asian stores. I got a 1 pound cane for a dollar the other day from a Chinese grocery store beside my house.

Fresh Sugar-cane juice is sold by roadside vendors in India, but it is usually unhygienic and hence, better to enjoy it this way.

For those of you wondering how to I peeled and cubed those tough juicy and sugary canes, just follow these steps. Thanks WC!


5 thoughts on “Sugar-cane

  1. I wish there was an easy way to extract sugarcane juice at home. Those juicers are pretty expensive.

    In Vietnam, I’d look to make sure the vendor doesn’t have flies buzzing over their machine. Eek! Otherwise, I love a freshly squeezed glass of sugarcane juice.

  2. Ah! Reminds me badly of India … Although a little unhygenic, its juice is something I look forward to drink whenever I shall visit India 😉

  3. I still have “ganne ka ras” from road side vendors who can use fresh water to wash their glasses, and who wash their sugarcanes before putting them into their juicer. I am more scared of pesticides than dirt.

  4. Hygienic or unhygienic,I loved the ganne ka juice of the roadside vendors, I ate all sorts of roadside goodies like paani puri,bhelpoori,ganne ka juice,inspite of the constant controversies and rumors of how these vendors used to make it:D

    Syeda, I am very particular about the hygiene, usually dont feel like buying juices/chaat from roadside bandiwallas a lot, but I loved to buy chaat from stalls like Maharaja and Gokul chaat, etc. ~Mona

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