Announcing ‘Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival ’09’ (Season I)

Inshallah Ramadan 2009 is not very far from now. It is only a matter of around 50 days from today, that the barakat ka maheena~Ramadhan will inshallah commence.

Food is an important part of Ramadan. The daytime in Ramadan is spent fasting, and after dawn, the fast is broken and traditional treats and memorable feasts are cooked up and served.

I announce the event ‘The Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival’ and invite all Hyderabadis from all around the world to join and participate in the celebrations of Ramadan, by preparing and sending me as many traditional family Hyderabadi Ramadan delicacies that you prepare in Ramadan for your family.

Above is the logo that I have created for the event. Hyderabadi bloggers who are participating can use the logo.

Each year I plan to host this event on my blog two months before Ramadan commences so that people can try and prepare the dishes in Ramadan, that you all have sent me for the event when I publish the grand Roundup of all the entries in the first week of Ramadan. (Update: This has changed. I am no longer hosting this event two months before Ramadan. From Season II onwards, I will inshallah announce this event each year just before Ramadan commences and post the round up after Eid-ul-Fitr, so that you can all send me your recipes throughout Ramadan as and when you are preparing them)

The rules of the event are as follows:

1. Both bloggers as well as non-bloggers can send me Hyderabadi special recipes of the food with pictures that you prepare in Ramadan for your family, for both Iftaar and Suhur (snacks, curries, etc).
2. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. Bloggers should link their post to this announcement page. Mail me the entries to by 20th August ’09 with following details :

  • Your Name and blog/website title (if you have one)
  • Recipe link (non-bloggers include the complete recipe)
  • A Picture of the food (300 pixels width)

I will not accept entries once Ramadan starts. Inshallah I will post the round-up of all the recipes I have received in the first week of Ramadan 2009.

Update: The grand round-up of all the entries has been published here. Enjoy the delicacies!


21 thoughts on “Announcing ‘Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival ’09’ (Season I)

  1. ASAK, I have gone through many cooking sites and observed that they meant only for high-fi type kitchens, as iam from a middle class family and going to get married within months, I went through your recipes, which make me realize as if I am learning my own home-cooked food, your all recipies are simple and desi with stylish and decorating type.

    Thanks a lot and keep moving ahead
    Zenath(hyderabad, india)

  2. salam, Iam from chennai and I got married to a hyderabadi person,so i dont no any thing about cooking, he is a very nice person, but he want to eat good food everyday which Idont no, so he is upset all time. that is the reason i request you to sent me daily food recipes of hyderabard, such that he dont fight .pls help me out with this problem allaha will give the ager to u for helping me out.thanks, khudahafiz. my email is

    Wa-AlaiKum-AsSalaam Ali, you can refer to the Recipe Index on my blog for a wide range of Hyderabadi recipes. I hope your hubby will like them. Do mail me if you need any help with any recipe. Allahafiz ~Mona

  3. i am from bangalore but married to a hyderbad boy i di not knew how to make hyd food i am so happy to see your site and cook food for my husband may allah bless you when r u starting ramzan recipies please do sooon

    Nishat, I have posted the round-up of Ramadan delicacies here. ~Mona

  4. wow!what an idea! ramadan food festival! wow! i m very excited to see entries and your creativity in culnary skill. great. keep it up. thanks.

  5. Salam,

    Your recipes are great! being a hyderabadi and not in hyderabad i get very nostalgic about the food there. Couple of dishes i was looking were :

    1. Khatta & til ki chutney served with Khichdi
    2. Kali Mirchi ka Gosht
    3. Nahari/Paya

    … I know the list is endless.. but will really appreciate if can atleast look into posting point 1.



    Brother Zakki, I have already posted the recipe for 1 and 3 earlier on my blog. You can find the recipes on the Recipe Index page or search for those recipes using the Search box.~Mona

  6. As many people think ramzan is not about having all he delicacies, which u may have otherwise.In our household we refrain from fried items and non-veg. I find it really hard finding simple non-oil receipes.Hope ur Food Festival will help.

  7. Seen that u’ve visited my site and left comments on kachchi biryani..thanks.Its great to see ramadan food event but why limit it to hyderabad …?

    good luck and good got the dish right but name.. isn’t it cherry clafoutis?

  8. Asak mona, I am glad you are posting ramadan recipes as i run out of ideas and end with just dahi badas and samosas by the aakhri daha.
    But my only request is that instead of beginning to post the recipes in ramzan can u please post them a week earlier so that working ladies like me can prepare some of the stuff a week ahead of time before ramzan starts and so can enjoy the food as well as give time to ibadat. Will really appreciate that. thanks.

    Anjum, Inshallah I will be posting my own entries to the event on my blog until Ramadan., and if I will inshallah get a large number of entries for the event, I will inshallah try to post the Part-1 before Ramadan.
    Do spread the word about it, and send me your entry as well before the deadline ~Mona

  9. Belated wishes on ur blog anniversary.I am from hyderabad can i send my recipes for hyderabadi Ramadan food event.Pls let me know it 🙂

    Varunavi, yes! you can definitely send me your recipes. ~Mona

  10. Assalamualaikum,
    I have been reading your blog for sometime now, but have just decided to leave a comment today 🙂 I have made so many of your wonderful recipes. I am not from Hyderabad- but my husband is. Your recipes have really helped me in cooking food which he enjoys. I am looking forward to seeing all the recipes for Ramadan. Thanks for taking the time to post all these recipes.


  11. Hi salam!
    first off, you dont know how many times your blog saved me from dinner disaster tragedies! my mom passed away before she could teach me how to cook, so ive been experimenting a lot, and finding blogs online. thankfully, you have a style similar to hers, so while i dont think im talented enough to submit anythnig other then a mean kichri lol, i look forward to your other recipes!

    ps i had a request, i dont think youve ever blogged about tomato ki kadi (the one with raw rice in it that swells while you cook) im not sure if you know what im talking about, but if you do, id surely appreciate it if you could post its recipe.

    happy early ramadan!!

    xoxo quds

    Quds, I am glad you like my blog and my recipes are helpful to you. You are most welcome to send me any of your Ramadan speciality.
    Inshallah I will post the recipe for Tomato Kadi sometime soon in the future. ~Mona

  12. Dear Mona,
    I am so happy that you came up with this Ramadan food festival, last year i had left a request on your blog to give some good iftar receipes.
    I will also send my contribution and its a good idea to end the contest before ramadan so we will not loose focus during Ramadan.

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