Kawabchini ~ whole dried berries

Kawabchini in Urdu language (also referred to as Kababchini or Jungli Laung in Urdu language) or Dried Cubeb berries, is different than Allspice and Black Peppercorns. They are all distictively dissimilar to each other in their properties and appearances. Cubeb can be differentiated from other spices by its distinctive ‘tail’. They are dried unripe fruits of a member of the vine family, and mostly grown in the wild.

Kababchini is not a common spice and hence unknown to many people, yet if you search for it, it may be available in selected stores in North America and elsewhere. In Saudi Arab and India, this spice is quite easily available.

When buying Kawabchini, buy whole spice, and grind it to fine powder at home in only required amount needed while cooking. When dry roasted for a few seconds on a stove top pan and powdered, a pungent spicy-peppery aroma of this spice emanates (similar to that of cloves and black pepper). It is added in powdered form in very little quantities to mostly red meat preparations, like Dum ke Kawabs, Dum ka Qimah, Haleem, etc.


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11 Responses to “Kawabchini”

  1. Lovely post Mona..

  2. We use kababchini in haleem, but unfortunately I can’t find the spice here in USA, so I’ve been making do with cinnamon and all spice.

  3. I think this is also known as pippali? Or maybe closely related. I recently found a supplier here after thinking for years that I could not get it. It is quite important in Ayurveda, and I am glad to have a supply. Thank you for your post, it was lovely to see it.

  4. assk mona
    good info.
    i use it compulsory in almost all of my mughlai hyderabadi dishes.
    it gives very good taste and aroma.
    it is so difficult to get in usa, so i have to get in from hyd.
    do u pan fry it for using it or add plainly to marinations.

    also it is so difficult to get good shahzeera in usa, recently my family got shahzeera from patel market store in chicago , and the salesperson got some special hydi sahzeera from the store storage inside .

    believe me mona , this shahzeera smell and taste is sooooooooooo good, my mom said even in hyd u dont get such good shahzeera.

    Rizruby, I buy the spices usually from Saudi Arab and Hyderabad whenever I visit these places.
    I do not always dry roast the Kawabchini before adding to food, but dry-roasting sure intensifies its flavors. ~Mona

  5. Kabab chini is available in some web based stores and called Cassia buds.

  6. How interesting Mona! I love to learn about spices I am not familiar with. Too bad it is hard to obtain in the US, I wonder why?

  7. In Telugu it’s also called “TOKA” Miriyaalu.( If not mistaken)…..Good work Mona I love Hyderbad……

  8. i dont know where to find kababchini in saudiarabia?can you please tell me the name under which it is sold.i shall be thankful

    Asma, Kawabchini is easily available in Jeddah. I will let you know its Arabic name soon inshallah. ~Mona

  9. AOA Mona,

    How are you? I havent been too regular on the site for a while and didnt realise that you had been unwell. Hope you are better and fighting fit now!

    Now, I dont have a clue about kawabchini, as I’m based in Kuwait any luck with the Arabic name??

    Take care and khuda hafiz

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Seema, I am doing good now. Inshallah I will let you know its Arabic name asap.

  10. I finally found kababchini in Milwaukee, USA and also online at http://www.thespicehouse.com/spices/cassia-buds

  11. Simra nafees Says:

    Dear Mona,
    Hhabb el’arûs is arabic name of kabab chini, you will find it in Jeddah at these stores “Ziaqa store and National store in Aziziyah..

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