Baingan ka Salan

The plainness of this simple brinjal curry is what I love a lot. Vibrant with a purple hue, low in fat and spongy in texture, brinjals tend to absorb all the flavors they are cooked in. This curry, with a slightly subtle sweetness due to the sautéed onions, used to be a regular accompaniment to Parathas for breakfast during my childhood.

Indian baby brinjals

Yesterday we experienced the first snow of the season here. A thin sheet of light flurries covered the earth and the air had the typical wintry crispness to it. My palate was craving something warm and filling. This baingan ka salan along with a few warm Parathas, and a juicy red pear was a satisfying breakfast this morning.

quartered brinjals

Baingan ka Salan – Eggplant Curry


Small Indian brinjals – 500 gms (or) 2 Japanese eggplants
Canola oil – 1 tbsp
Onion – 1, large, peeled, halved and finely sliced
Red chilli powder – 2 tsp
Salt – to taste
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

simple yet satisfying breakfast~baingan ka salan,
along with warm parathas
and a juicy red pear


1. Wash the brinjals and drain in a colander. Cut and discard the top stalk of the brinjals. Cut the brinjals into quarters and soak them in salted fresh cool water to avoid discoloration and remove its mild bitterness.

quartered brinjals soaked in salted water

2. In a sauté pan, pour oil and as soon as it warms up add the sliced onions. Stir fry for a few minutes until translucent and soft. Add red chilli powder, salt and turmeric.
3. Drain the soaking brinjals and add to sauté pan. Pour in 2 cups water, mix well and cover with a lid. Let cook stirring occasionally for 10-15 minutes until soft. Serve warm along with Parathas.


7 thoughts on “Baingan ka Salan

  1. Hi Mona..
    hopped in here from Usha’s blog seeing your mention….i make many simple brinjal curries but this is so different n definitely yummy….quick n healthy too..
    you have a great blog !!

  2. salaam mona i tried this just now its easy and tastes great….agar aap baigan ki chutny banayagein tou plz post karna i love that plz……….thx for this recipie………….aur haan u are posting many good recipies regularly i am very proud about u and happy may u have a good day,,,khudahafiz

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