Chironji nuts

Lentil sized, pale, slightly falttened and almond flavored ‘Chironji nuts’ (چرونجي) (botanical name: Buchnan lanzan) (also known as chirolo or charooli or charoli or cudapah almond), are the kernels of a tree native to Southern Asia. These nuts are rich in sweet-oils and very expensive.

They are are usually pureed and added to kababs and qormas to impart a nutty flavor, volume and creaminess to the gravy. They are also sometimes dry-roasted and used as a garnish for some desserts and a few savory dishes. For appeal they are also used peeled. To peel the coverings of chironji, soak them in cool fresh water overnight at room temperature and the next day, rub away the skins in a kitchen towel. The peeled chironji nuts are lightly stir fried in oil and used as a garnish in desserts like Sheer Qurma. Look for Chironji nuts at Indian grocery stores. Store them in the freezer to preserve their flavor and for a long life.


8 thoughts on “Chironji nuts

  1. Assalaamualaikum Mona.
    I have recently moved to UK(Yorkshire) and i find it difficult to get Chironji here rather i have seen some sunflower seeds which resembles a lot with Chironji. I just want to ask is Chironji also termed as Sunflower seeds or i have seen some different stuff. Please help.\

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Shameem, I am not sure if Chironji is sold as Sunflower seeds.

  2. Thank you , MONA, afterall my search ends here since last 3 years ididnot find such a great ZAIQA site. Thank you once again.
    Iam new to this site Iam from hyderabad, istay at hyderabad.
    We like your recipes very much

  3. assk mona
    how do use chironji. do u have any easy method of removing brown skin from chironji. do u fry and add chironji to desserts.
    i see so many cut washed nuts during holiday season, in dept stores.i am planning to stock some .
    thx for ur storing tips.

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Rizwana, I have updated the post with more information. ~Mona

  4. dear mona,
    i love ur recipes.keep up for the good work!
    pls let me know if we have to store chironjis in the freezer or inside the refrigirator.

    Huda, Jazakallahu Khair for the appreciation. If you have a small quantity of chironji nuts, store in refrigerator and use within 3 months. But if you plan to store the chironji for a very long time, then store in the freezer. It is always better to store all nuts in the freezer to preserve their flavor. ~Mona

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