Tala huwa Gosht~II

An another after-qurbani special meat preparation that my Ammi used to prepare on Eid, which was a hit with us all as well as the guests.

A very simple meat preparation with lamb, onion, and basic flavorings, this dish will definitely become one of your favorites just it is my family’s. Lamb meat is enjoyed more than chicken meat in Hyderabad. Almost every Hyderabadi household has many versions of Talahua Gosht, which is a classic Hyderabadi Lamb preperation. I had also posted a different version here on my blog a few days back, and plan to post few more in the future inshallah.

There is no need to add oil while cooking for this recipe. Lamb with bone has enough fats that release after the meat is pressure cooked which help develop taste. I enjoyed this dish along with Khushka and Tamatar dal today on this cold snowy day.

Tala huwa Gosht~II – Braised Meat in aromatic spices and onion


Lamb meat(with or without bone, preferably leg with bone) – 500 gms
Onion – 150 gms, roughly chopped
Red chilli powder – 1 1/2 tsp
Salt – 1 1/2 tsp
Ginger garlic paste – 1 1/2 tbsp
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Roasted Coriander powder – 1/2 tsp
Lemon juice – 1-2 tsp (optional)


In a pressure cooker, add all the above ingredients except coriander powder and lemon juice and pour 1 cup water. Mix well and pressure cook until the meat is tender. Once done, add coriander powder, keep stirring and let it cook uncovered at medium high until there is no moisture left and the masala clings to the meat. Pour in lemon juice and serve warm along with roti or rice.

This simple lamb preparation is my contribution to the “The Hyderabadi Bakr-Eid Food Festival-’09” that I am hosting on my blog. The event is on and you can all send me your Bakr-Eid special recipes before December 31, 2009. Click on the link for more details.


14 thoughts on “Tala huwa Gosht~II

  1. Dear Mona, Salamalaikum, ure talawa gosht recipie is good but I feel mine is better just tell me what u think of my version.I first clean n remove fat from the meat and wash and add it in my cooker along with one small onion, adrak lassan paste,salt and one glass of water.I pressur cook it for 2 whistles.When the steam is out I open the lid and make sure all the water dries up.I take a non stick pan and add about 4-5 spoons of oil to it and add curry patta and a little of zeera to it once it splutters I add the meat n fry well till brown and then add chilli powder n turmeric to it.I keep it on low flame till the chilli powder and haldi are well cooked with the meat.For garnishing I add haradhanya and onion rings on the top.Hope u will try this recipie n looking forward to hear from u soon…..

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Fozia, your method sounds quite similar to an another version of tala hua gosht that I have posted on my blog. Jazakallahu Khair for sharing your version with me.

  2. Asalaam Alikum Mona,

    Thank you for such brillant recipes!! They remind me of my late mums cooking, its so great to be able to replicate them.
    Btw, do you have any fish dishes you can recommend using salmon (such as a curry).

    Take care and keep it up
    Seema 🙂

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Seema, please check your email. ~Mona

  3. Dear Mona
    Thanks for visiting my site and your appreciations.
    This mutton recipe is absolutely new for me and will try.
    Have a nice day

  4. Wow,great recipe! Do byou add oil also before pressure cooking?or is it oil free version..if it is ,then wowwwww!

    Syeda, there is no need to add oil in this recipe, however if you want to, you can go ahead and add a little bit. ~Mona

  5. What an delicious mutton recipe, cant take off my eyes from the picture. Surely tempting, book marking this!

    First time here and u have great space da, all ur recipes made me drool. Will visit u frequently.
    All the best dear!

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