Phulay Chane ki Chutney

Finally, spring is almost here. I cant wait to see life on dead trees and cheerful colors bursting all around me inshallah.

There are two kinds of chutney’s that I usually prepare along with along with Dosa or Idli, in addition to the quintessential Sambar. One kind that has the sourness as well as the spice/hotness, and an another kind that is mild with just a hint of spice sans any sort of tartness in it; all this because of the individual taste preferences in my house.

This particular chutney falls into the latter category. The phula chana (details of this dal below) which is the star ingredient for this chutney, imparts a mild taste, while the dried red chillies contribute the spiciness, and the dried roasted coconut render a creamy and nutty flavor to the chutney.

Roasted Split Gram:
Other names: Bhuna Chana; Chutney dal;
In Marathi: Dalia (Dalia is a Gujarati word for pappulu or bhuna chana. Usually broken wheat is referred to as Dalia); Phutana dal;
In Urdu: Phula Chana (phulay chane is plural, and phula chana is singular)
In Telugu: Putnala pappulu
In Tamil: Pottu Kadalai

Phula Chana is obtained when Black chickpeas/Kala Chana are roasted in special places called as bhattis in India. These are then skinned and split, then packed and sold ready made in packets at stores (Note that this cannot be done at home). There is no need to cook this dal, you can pop phula chana directly in your mouth as a healthy, crunchy, guilt free snack too.

Easy to prepare and dainty to taste, this chutney is a good choice for all those who do not possess an affinity for a sour taste.

Phulay Chane ki Chutney – Roasted Split gram Chutney


Dried Red Chillies/Baghaar ki mirch – 6-8
Roasted split gram/Phula Chana – 1/3 cup
Desiccated Coconut – 4 tbsp
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Canola oil


In a small frying pan or a tawa, heat 2 tsp of oil at medium heat. As soon as it is hot, add the dried red chillies and roast the dried red chillies, phula chana and dessicated coconut individually one by one just for a few seconds. Do not burn the spices. Remove into a platter and let cool. Once cool, grind them all together adding just enough water to aid in the process (I added about 1/2 cup-3/4 cup) until smooth. Add salt and mix. Serve along with dosa, idli or any snacks.


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16 Responses to “Phulay Chane ki Chutney”

  1. A chutney that comes to rescue when we dont have fresh coconut in hands! Looks Nice and Lovely colour!

  2. It looks so delicious, I can almost taste the spices. Lovely color too.

  3. I absolutely love the color of the chutney, and it only has 3-4 ingredients- wow!

    In Marathi, I actually know this dal as “phutana”

  4. Thank you for this – I’ve been experimenting with Uttapam at home recently – this chutney looks perfect. Although, can I say, as an incomer I find the world of dal utterly baffling! All the different regional names, split, skinned, roasted – I don’t think I’ll ever get to grips with it – but it’s fun trying!

    All the best


  5. assalamualaikum mona
    thanks a lot for this chutney
    i remember my ammi used to prepare this kind of chutney…
    n v used to eat this with chawal n gheee..
    wow i remember my childhood days..
    all thanks to you..

  6. Hi Mona, I am a first generation Indian muslim who grew up here. My parents are from U.P. I have never heard of any chutney made with daal. Anxious to try it!! I even have the black Chana in my pantry. 🙂

    Sarah, you cannot make Phula Chana from Kala Chana at home. It is done at places called as bhattis in India, then packets & sold ready made in packets at stores. Look for Phula Chana under the above given names in Desi grocery stores. ~Mona

  7. Assalamu alaikum Mona
    Wow, another mouth watering chutney with such a few ingredients too. Can’t refrain myselt from having it by seeing its amazing colour and texture.

    Your blog is awesome Mona!!! Of great help to us. Jazakallah.

  8. Perfect for Idili, dosa varieties, we make it very often at our house.

  9. wow looks an awesome accompaniment with idli ,dosa!

  10. As salaamualikum,

    this is my first time leaving a comment but a regular at your blog. Glad you are back 🙂 I remember this chutney from my chilhood. thanks for bringing back memories 🙂


  11. This must taste so delicious Mona. I lovedyour shredded lamb dish too. 🙂

  12. made it today Mona,was simple n easy yet so delicious.JazakAllahu khair!

  13. Thanks for the recipe, Mona. So simple, yet so delicious. [Haven’t made this in ages, but must try and make a decent breakfast one of these days :)!]

  14. Altaf Rahman Says:

    This is a nice dish. However I would like to observe as follows :
    1) Puthana chutney is the best combination with Idli, dosa, upma. Some people use coconut chutney which I consider as dilution of culture. Nothing beats Puthana chutney.
    2) The color of the chutney in the presentation photo above is not what we make. At our home, we paste 250 grams of puthana, 8-10 green chillies, a tea spoon of coconut choba and salt into very thick gravy. For bagaar, we heat oil, add rai, zeera, 2 bagaar ki laal mirchi, kadi patta (karivepaku in telugu) and spread this bagaar onto the chutney paste and mix. This way the color of the chutney is light greenish white instead of reddish shade.

  15. Altaf Rahman Says:

    Another interesting dish of Puthane is take 100 grams of puthane, slightly beat them to crack them to small pieces (do not make powder). Take the vegitable skin peeler and using the peeler get flakes of Gur (Bellam in telugu) Add cracked puthana, flakes of gur, warm liquid ghee (cold solid ghee is not good for this combination) to eat with Roti.

    The above mix of 100 grams puthana is sufficient for a family of 2 parents and 2 kids.

    Kids will love it. Very quick & simple very tasty.

    Altaf Rahman, Jazakallahu Khair for sharing the tip, will try inshallah.

  16. 2 days before I made this and it was too good,but didnt get the colour as it is in the picture. What may be the reason? Does it matter?

    Juveria, the color of the chutney depends on many factors. It does not matter.

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