Kachalu (chaat)

Its not that guavas arent available here. Infact most of the desi stuff is available in Toronto, but they are not always actually affordable. Back home in India, tropical fruits as such like guavas, sapodillas etc are so easily available and a mediocre sight, that one doesnt give them their due importance. People been living outside India bereaved of such delectations I know can understand my pain.

Yellow Guavas

We even had a giant and very old but healthy green guava tree amid others in our ancestral house. In season the tree used to be full of chirping parrots, atleast a dozen of them, amongst many other visitors, that nibbled and destroyed most of the fruit for the annoyance of my dadi.

Yellow Guavas

So a couple of days back, I was thrilled to see a few those alluring guavas on sale at reasonable prices. First I thought to prepare some guava jelly using them. My dadi was an expert at it and her guava jelly used to be distributed among neighbours and loved ones during the season. Then, I recollected the classic kachalu that makes its appearance quite frequently at iftaar during Ramadan, and I just couldn’t resist making it. Kachalu is the name for guava chaat, made by adding flavorings such as sugar and black pepper power.

It was such joy to taste guavas (also called as jaam or amrood in Urdu) and to be able to fill my lungs with their characteristic musky odor after a long time. Can’t wait to visit Hyderabad and enjoy all that I have been missing inshallah.

Jaam ka Kachalu – Guava Chaat


Ripe Guaves/Jaam/Amrood – 1.5 lbs
Granulated Sugar – 4-5 tbsp
Black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp

chopped guavas


Wash the guavas well. Top and bottom them. Now chop them into thin triangles and transfer to a bowl. Add sugar and black pepper powder to taste, or according to the measurements given and mix well. Do not worry if a few of the pieces mush up. Cover the bowl and place in the refrigerator for a few hours the flavors to intensify until chilled. Serve as chaat at tea-time.

Kachalu (chaat)

Note: Use ‘just overly ripe guavas’ to prepare this chaat. Green guavas that are hard/unripe are not suitable for this preparation. Also, the seasonings such as sugar is needed according to the sweetness of the guavas and to your fancy.


15 thoughts on “Kachalu (chaat)

  1. ASAK Mona

    My father-in-law makes a version of this which is delicious as well.

    With the guavas, he mixes orange segments, sliced bananas, lemon juice, sugar, salt and a pinch of red chilli. Its very refreshing. We only have it in Ramadhan for some reason.

  2. You’re so right Mona, about taking guavas for granted if you grew up in India/Pakistan! But no more … my hubby especially CRAVES them during Ramadan. He would go crazy about this kachalu!

  3. even we had a tree back home, and the half eaten guavas I remember they used to say’ badbagal’ ate it, I wondered wat that badbagal was, I imagined a bhoot lol

  4. I love this, and I have been having it a lot recently,it is very common at our local grocery so, I make this regularly for my low calorie dessert;)seriously 1 guava has only 45 calories, so you can make this with 4 guavas, and seriously you will feel full after a bowl of that:) I love it:)

  5. Ever since I found out that guavas are “one of the ten best foods ” I have been paying close attention to them; I finally bought a batch at the Latino market, which were sour, and ended up throwing the whole lot of them because they developed brown spots and became inedible. I will try again and use your recipe which is great and hopefully it will work this time!

  6. ASAK Mona,

    I have been visiting ur blog for quite some time but this is the first time i am leaving a reply.I just love the way u have organized the blog and no need to mention abt ur food too:)I stay in Mississauga currently and belongs to Kerala back home.
    The above recipe reminds me of my childhood days:).
    Kudos to ur good work!!!

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Sajana, Jazakallahu Khairun. ~Mona

  7. Assalamu alaikum Mona

    Wow!!! The glance at the bowl left me mouth watering.

    How will it be if little chat masala and salt is added to it?

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Juveria, I am not sure. Havent tried anytime. ~Mona

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