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Kulfa ki Katli

Thursday, May 20th, 2010 Posted in Bok Choy, Canola Oil, Cumin seeds/Zeera, Curry leaves (fresh), Dried Red Chillies, Garlic/Lahsun, Hyderabadi special, Purslane leaves/Kulfa ki bhaji, Red Chilli powder, Salt/Namak, Tamarind/Imli, Tomato/Tamatar (fresh), Turmeric/Haldi, Yellow Lentil/Tuvar ki Dal/Toor dal | 22,503 views 41 Comments »

Its a wonderful day today in Hyderabad. The weather is the coolest it has ever been since I landed here, and my jet lag seems to be fading away gradually. ... Read more..

Palak Gosht

Monday, May 3rd, 2010 Posted in Canola Oil, Coriander seeds, Dill/Suvabhaji (fresh), Ginger-Garlic paste, Green Chillies, Hyderabadi special, Lamb/Beef/Mutton/Veal/Sheep, Red Chilli powder, Salt/Namak, Spinach/Palak ki bhaji, Tomato/Tamatar (fresh), Turmeric/Haldi, Yellow Onion/Pyaaz | 18,118 views 24 Comments »

One of the most usual accompaniments to khatti dal and rice, or parathas at meals, palak gosht is a simple spinach+meat medley that both nourishes as well as satisfies. It ... Read more..