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  1. Hey Mona, I came across your website and just love everything here! The badam ki jaali is definitely going to keep me coming back to your wonderful blog. Can you please post the recipe? I have been asking all my aunts but no one knows anymore. How sad is it that we lost this recipe with the older generation of our family! Most of my aunts just get it made from someone else for weddings but I want to bring the tradition of making these ourselves along with the gulgulay maleeda, and kheer puriyan for special events! I would really appreciate the recipe! Thanks so much!

  2. Don’t forget to post the badaam ki jaali recipe :). I made it in May this year after getting it from a cousin; it didn’t look as good as it should have but it tasted great. Never knew it was fairly simple. Will need to try again

  3. Happy blog birthday Mona. Although belated.

    Your blog keeps getting better and better. I think we can easily call if one of the finest Indian food blogs around, and certainly the best-known one about authentic Hyderabadi cuisine.

    Well done for all the hard work that you have put into it over the years.

  4. As salam alikum , Mashallah i came across your website just recently , i have heard about it but never visited untill recently . Just reading out your Recipes index itself is so Delicious , i have never come across so many Hyderabadi Dishes at one place .As you know traditionally many of us are only aware of basic 3 or 4 dishes(Bagare Baigan, Dalcha, Khorma,Gamar ki Phali Aloo ghost) and practically in every Dawath apart from that nothing is prepared but here you are providing a Haroon ka Khazana .
    Madam we are based in Saudi Arabi providing personel Home delivery services for Hyderabad. We would love to share your website with our customers so that they can order us to deliver so many choices of food recipes to there loved once in Hyderabad. Apart from food delivery we have other personel delivery services like sending Iftari,Sadqa or need to arrange any service for Hyderabadis in Hyderabad .

  5. monaji, much is written and much is said about your blog so i m lacking words to express myself. say otherway that i dont have any words to appreciate it. just congrats and keep it up in coming years also. Allah may give you all strenth and happyness. thanks

  6. Congratulations on the Anniversary of your blog. I wish your blog reach many milestones ahead. Your blog is an inspiration for me.
    May Allah shower his special blessings upon you. May Allah grant you a very successsful, healthy, happy and prosperous life. Ameen.
    Thanks a lot for ur wonderful efforts.


  7. Assalamu alaikum

    Hearty Congratulations to u on your Blog Anniversary.Your cooking and blogging is an inspiration for me. May ur blog reach such many more milestones in future. May Allah grant you a very successful, happy, healthy, lovely life.Ameen. Jazakallah for all your efforts Mona.


  8. Assalaamualykm,
    Congratulations! and thank you for putting out such great recipes so clearly ,i live in hyderabad and i am to start my married life and it freaks me out to cook and moreover to serve guests,
    cz u kno hw comfortable u can get wid ur mom’s delicious cooking! nd needless to say im a disaster in kitchen…
    nd nw im trying my hand at cooking…being brave…though still nervous…
    i simply adore ur cooking skills… nd uve bin an inspiration…thank you πŸ™‚

  9. assalam, congrats on the blog birthday.You sure have been an inspiration.Have tried quite a few of your recipes and have always found them to be simply yummy!!THE BEST BLOG AROUND-surely for non-veg.Keep up the hard work.May Allah accept it and bless u abundantly both here and in the hereafter,Ameen.

  10. assk mona
    mubarak to u and ur family.wishing u many more such occassions in future. ur blog and recipes are perfect and i
    just hope they are publshed in cookbooks soon. miss hyd and Badaam ki Jali.
    have fun

  11. Utterly love your blog, and despite being a vegetarian, I find myself reading every entry, regardless of interests. πŸ™‚ Wonderful job!

  12. congratulations mona and wishing you many more wonderful blogging times!

    best Hyderabadi blog on the web inshallah u celebrate more such anniversaries nishat fathima

  13. WHERE R U

    This is the best Hyderabadi blog on the web, may ALLAH give you all the happiness & health in the world.

  14. Asak,

    My words cannot adequately express our gratitude for introducing and helping my family in the Hyderabadi culinary journey. Everyday (……means everyday of 365 days) we make recipes from your blog and its part of our life.

    I sincerely wish your blog to be immortal.

    Your Brother,
    Syed Khalid

  15. Congrats
    ur blog has helped me in many ways and now whenever I have guests coming up I always refer to ur blog and believe me I
    have never been disappointed
    even my guests loe whatever I cook
    thank u. Can u plz post gosht ka achaar?
    Thanks again

    Sana, Jazakallahu Khairun for the appreciation. Your request is duly noted.

  16. Assalamalaikum Mona! Mubarak ho Blog ki 3rd Anniversary! Trust me Mona, when I run out of recipes for Non-Veg cooking, I just think of your blog for help.Which store in Hyd has this badam ki jali?



    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Uzma, Badaam ki Jali is sold at most of the leading Mithai stores in Hyderabad, like Agra sweets, Ramakrishna Sweets etc. Other than these stores you can be order this dessert from Mrs Nafees Hussani or Mrs Nasreen (Aziz Bagh, Noor Khan Bazaar; 24561869, 24521449, 9985249098).

  17. happy anniversary mona….hope inshallah u celebrate more such anniversaries..n we get to learn many more dishes from u…keep up the good work.

  18. Congratulations Mona!!! You have inspired many of us to love cooking and for sure Zaiqa is here to stay for a very long time πŸ™‚

  19. Congratulations Mona ! its been 3 delicious years …i wish u many more …good luck ! Also the badaam jali looks cute n perfect ….is it home made ?

    Thanks Rahin. The badaam ki jali is store bought.

  20. May Allah reward. Can we please have the recipe for the baadam ki jaali.

    Nasir, your request is duly noted and inshallah I will post the recipe when it is possible.

  21. Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary Mona. I have been following it for a while, have tried quite a few recipes with delicious results. You mentioned hyderabadi pickles in one of your posts…do you think you could post a couple of those. Especially the non-veg ones. Love the authenticity of your recipes.

    Pooja, thanks a lot for the appreciation. As you might know, right now I am on vacation in Hyderabad and hence not very regular in my blog posts. Your request is duly noted and I will post non-vegetarian pickle recipes whenever possible.

  22. Hi mona
    i have followed ur blog for a long time. just a wonderfull place. and i was delighted to see badam ki jalee on the blog. do u have the recipe for it. can u pls post it

    Sabiha, as you might know, right now I am on vacation in Hyderabad and hence not very regular in my blog posts. Your request is duly noted and I will try to post the recipe whenever possible.

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