King of fruits~Mango

It was peak mango season when I had landed here in Hyderabad.

ripening mangoes

Indian summer is synonymous with the arrival of the king of fruits~ sweet and fragrant mangoes in the market which are savored in both ripe and raw forms.

dasheri mangoes, washed and ready to be eaten

At that time of sweltering summer there were mangoes hanging from every tree, ripe mangoes being sold at every corner, unripe green mangoes being carefully chosen by ladies for the meticulous preparation of pickles.

green mangoes hanging on the tree

ripe mangoes being sold by vendors at Mozamjahi fruit market

Mangoes are available in so many exotic and delicious varieties, each with unique taste and flavor when in season in India which falls in March until late June. Totapuri, Himayat, Banginapalli, Benishan, Lalpari, Rasalu, Kothapalli, Mallika, Neelam, Alphonso, Kesar, Dashehari, Jehangir, Amrapali etc are a few varieties.

kesar mangoes

We also enjoy many kinds of raw mango pickles that my Ammi either prepares at home or the pickle is gifted to us by our well wishers. Sone of my favorites are the Sesame Mango pickle, the usual fiery red Mango pickle, Rishte ka achar etc. Just as raw mango pickle preparation is an annual ritual at homes in India during the early mango season, sharing a small jar of freshly prepared pickle with loved ones is also as important custom.

raw green mangoes, for pickle preparation

fragrant and sweet Aamras

Thick, glorious sweet and fragrant Aamras is what I love the most during this mango season. The pulp of ripe mangoes is mixed along with some milk/cream and sugar if preferred and enjoyed along with warm parathas at breakfast almost everyday or just as a snack along with tea in the afternoon.

peeled and diced ripe mangoes

cut ripe mango

This wonderful fruit can be enjoyed in diverse ways. Apart from the usual aamras, mango can be enjoyed in a number of ways, a few options to mention are kulfi, murabba, aapshola, ice-creams, pickles, jams, or simply diced and served as a snack. So go ahead and make the most of this glorious fruit.


15 thoughts on “King of fruits~Mango

  1. It’s August, and the very best time for mangoes here in Cairo, Egypt. Ramadan is upon us, and there’s nothing more refreshing than eating fresh, chilled mangoes when the fast is over. Here there are many many varieties, I have heard of Alphonse, and Butter – and a great many others too. I’m looking so much forward to sharing more of your mango recipes and ideas, as well as the special Hyderabadi Ramadan recipes. It’s interesting to see what everyone likes to eat during the Holy Month.
    Love your site Mona, I discover something new on each visit Ramadan Kareem.

  2. wow, what a sight to behold! Thank you so much for posting the pix of my favourite fruit.
    Cheers and Blessings,

  3. hey mona
    wow, u really made me nostalgic after seeing those lovely picts. a trip to amraai/mangoes garden is so divine in india.
    my fav is benishan,alphonsa and rasal . miss amras.

    enjoying mangoes here though they can never taste as in india.can u post recipe of murabba and apshola.

  4. You forgot to mention some very famous varieties like Langda, Saroli, Chaunsa come from Maleehabad UP or from Pakistan. There is another leading name from Pakistan called Sindhri

  5. Lucky you, got to enjoy the mangoes this year! I got a box of mangoes last week here… they were good but obviously not as good and sweet as the Indian mangoes.

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