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  1. yes i agree you could have clicked more pics, i also agree its not easy to take pics,,…..but you have caught the mood and atmosphere…..i have been there few times

  2. leftover green mangoes after the summer pickling season, yellow-orange desi tomatoes to add that tang to rasams and pachadis, the dull light of a new monsoon, nice set of pics!!

  3. Mona,
    basiclly I am from hyd and live near gudimalkapur and this market reminds me of my childhood days..just to get my pocket money I use to acomny my dad..now I live in UK and its been 2 years since I have visitd my hyd..and ur pics reminds me my golden days…god bless u …sob sob sob!!!!

  4. Mona,

    you took me down memory lanes esp with the curry patha pictures. once in bangalore an old man offered me a mini tree for just 1 rupees:) and in europe whatever the indian shop has to offer is sooo precious:(

  5. salam mona.

    Very nic pic,miss all that shopping sure to visit atleast rthyu bazaar when i go to hyd insha allah.

  6. nthng beats going to this mrkt erly mrng nd get some frsh veggies at nearly half the mrkt prices…grt variety at grt prices…

  7. Gudimalkapur market is near mehdipatnam towards Tallagadda in Hyderabad AP India. Its not a Rythu bazaar, but a whole sale market where the farmers come and sell it to the Market Agents. It reminds me of those old days where by spending around 20 bucks I use to get a bag full of vegetables sufficient for 10 days.

  8. HI,
    I am a complete newbie to cooking but I have learned few simple recipes from your site. I must say your a blog chef could you tell me where would we get prawns at cheap prices and any tips on how to buy and clean them.

    Rehan, I suggest you always buy fresh instead of frozen prawns for best flavor. In Hyderabad, I always buy fresh prawns from Gudimalkapur market.

  9. hey mona
    luv the picts.just curious where is Gudimalkapur ka market .
    reminds me of badi chowdi market in koti,hyd.
    luv the karyapak plants picts.

    Rizruby, Mr.Reddy has kindly answered your query.

  10. WOW!!! Such verdant peaks of hara masala…what would I give to see those piles on sale here…… great pix…

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