The Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival 2010~Season II-Roundup

My Ramadan this year in Hyderabad along with my parents and loved ones was indeed delightful alhamdulillah. I witnessed the typical Hyderabadi Ramadan fervor. By afternoon almost all restaurants would gear up to prepare the day’s Haleem. The pounding of this delectable dal and wheat mixture starts and by Iftaar time, the streets would be full of stalls set up selling all kinds of fresh fruits, to a range of freshly deep fried snacks and what not. By the night, all mosques would be filled with Allah ke banday coming from far and near to pray and beg Allah for mercy and blessings.

At an Iftaar party

Streets brimming with fruit vendors selling all sorts of fresh seasonal fruits

The Haleem fervor in Hyderabad during Ramadan

As promised, its time for me to present the roundup of all the entries sent for the Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival 2010~Season II.

This year, sadly non-bloggers have not come forward and participated in the event. My purpose of hosting these events on my blog is to be able to provide a platform for non-bloggers to share their recipes with the world. However my fellow food bloggers have sent some delicious contributions. Do go through them and try the delicacies.

1. Yasmeen, the healthnut of the food blogosphere has shared some healthy and hearty recipes for Ramadan:

A Wholesome Iftar Dinner : Vegetable Brown Rice Pulov, Baked chicken in Tandoori Masala and Almond Tropical Lassi

Water melon Spritzer

Barley Pomegranate Tabbouleh

Dal Soup

2. Anjum has shared with us all the amazing Hyderabadi delicacy, Pathar Ka gosht, where traditionally thin slices of meat are cooked on a heated slab of stone until perfection.

She has however shared with us her recipe where one can cook this delight in our own kitchens using the standard pressure cooker.

3. Muneeba contributed her favorite Hyderabadi dish, Tala Hua Gosht, which she says she has grown up eating.

4. Khaddy, a new blogger on the block has shared with us all the following Ramadan delicacies:

Dahi Vada

Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani

Fiery Tomato Chutney

5. Syeda has to to share with us her recipe for Shaami Kabab.

According to me Shaami Kabab is a necessity that almost every Hyderabadi woman prepares and stocks up before Ramadan commences.

6. Akheela made Beef pickle, a perfect accompaniment to tickle your taste buds at meals.

7. Jyothi, has contributed the following recipes which are perfect sides to meals both at Seher and Iftaar.

Keema Matar Curry

Mutton and Drumstick Curry

Palak and Chana Dal Curry

8. Tazaika has come forward with a bunch of some very enticing Ramadan savories:

Hawaiian Salad

Haleemy Soup

Chickpea Salad


Sabudana Wada

Nargisi Kabab

9. Humaira tempts us with Tahari, a meat and tomato one dish meal which she says is simple to cook, filling and her childhood favorite.

Apart from these, you can also go through the last years roundup for a range of recipes that you can try out at Iftaar and Seher. You can go through the Recipe Index on my blog for more choices.

I thank all the participants for their contributions and If I have missed out any of the entries, please let me know.


Murgh ki Kaleji

My Ammi gets a months stock of fresh chicken from a local farm nearby. So getting access to fresh chicken liver and gizzards is pretty easy, as the butchers here do not discard or remove and keep these organs to sell separately. Back in Toronto, I had to pre-order and buy organs separately always.

For all those of you who have tasted chicken liver and gizzards before, I am sure you will love this recipe. As for the first timers, I suggest you give this recipe a try, you will absolutely relish this spicy dish.

Murgh ki Kaleji – Spicy Sauteed Chicken Liver and Gizzard

Chicken liver and gizzard are rich in vitamins and iron. They are also high in cholesterol, as are most of the organ meats. Hence this is only a once in a while indulgence.

The following is my fathers recipe, I absolutely enjoy the dish when he prepares it.

Murgh ki Kaleji – Spicy Sauteed Chicken Liver and Gizzard


Canola oil – 3 tbsp
Red chilli powder – 2 tsp
Salt – to taste
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp
Fresh Chicken Livers (called as Kaleji in Urdu language) – 6 Livers, washed and chopped into bite size pieces
Fresh Chicken Gizzards (called as Sangdana in Urdu language) – 6 Gizzards, washed and chopped into bite size pieces
For Garnish:
Slit fresh small green chillies
Finely chopped cilantro


In a pan at high heat, pour in 1 cup fresh cool water. Add oil, red chilli powder, salt, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste and the chopped livers and gizzards. Let it come to a boil. Once boiling, cover and reduce heat to simmer. Keep stirring frequently. Cook until the water dries up and oil starts to leave. Garnish and serve immediately along with warm parathas.

Ramadan has almost come to an end with less than a week to go.
What did you prepare for Iftaar today?
The Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival is on, so rush your entries to me as soon as possible.
To go through more details about the event, click here.

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