The Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival 2012~Season IV-Roundup

As promised, I present to you all the round-up of the Season IV of the ‘The Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival 2012’.

I thank all participants for their enthusiasm. Here is the list of entries:

Click on the recipe title to go through the recipe.

Amrita, author of Mittu Cooking Love, has shared with us her recipe for Easy Chicken Malai Kabab. Yumm, they look delicious!

She says:

“Its mild and very easy to make,it will be perfect for your Ramadan Menu

Amina, author of Amina Cereations has shared with us all some delicious Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani.

Amina says:

“Biryani is one of the most popular rice delicacies in India and abroad. No other dish has such an aura and demand throughout India. The rich texture and aroma of Biryani is enough to activate hunger pangs in the stomach.”.

Nakhat, author of Indian Culinary Delights has shared with us all her recipe for Falooda.

Nakhat says:

“Falooda is a traditional Persian cold dessert. It was brought to the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal period. Basil seeds (sabza/takmaria), tutti frutti, sugar, and ice cream can be add-ons for this dessert. “

Wajiha, author of My Kitchen and Beyond, has shared with us all very delicious looking Kathi Rolls.

Wajiha says:

“Kathi rolls probably originated in Calcutta, but are hugely popular here in Bangalore as well. The most common fillings are chicken, paneer and egg. It can be modified as per one’s personal taste, I like egg in mine and since my hubby hates raw onion, I stir fry the onions before adding them. “

Sadaf, author of My Culinary Aadventures has shared with us all Aloo Qeema Cutlets.

Sadaf says:

“I had sworn off fried foods during Ramadan but after ten days of fasting I couldn’t resist making this old favourite of mine for iftar. These cutlets can be frozen too. Alternately, you can make and freeze the minced meat filling (which can be used for samosas too) and simply boil the potatoes and stuff the cutlets when you have to serve them. “

Zareena, author of My Experiments with Food has shared with us all some delicious Pav Bhaji.

Zareena says:

“On the first day of fasting I prepared our favorite dish. I know this will be very heavy for an empty stomach to have, but since I cannot resist any chat dishes, I thought of making this on the first day for iftar. This is my first attempt in making pav bhaji and was successful and tasted just like what we get from stalls outside.”

And following are my entries to the event:

Murgh Samosa – Chicken Samosa

Dahi Baday – Chickpea Flour balls in Yogurt

I once again thank all participants. I hope you have all enjoyed the roundup. If in case I have missed anyone’s entries, please let me know. I will inshallah update it immediately.


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4 Responses to “The Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival 2012~Season IV-Roundup”

  1. All the dishes look really yummy. Thanks for hosting the event.

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum Mona

    Thanks for hosting the event. The dishes make me crave, for something special on menu for today evening.

  3. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu allah, your blog is amazing…mind blowing and veryyyy helpful…..m frm Hyderabad…got married few months back &now in US…I was struggling so hard….to get hyderabadi food…my mum was amazing cook…may Allah grand her janah…I don’t have anyone who can help me with recipes..last week I found ur blog nd all the recipes reminds me of ammii’s food….:)……iam soo happy to find ur blog….may Allah (swt) bless you with the best reward…..Ameen……jazakallah khai…..nishat….

  4. ASAK, Thanks for hosting this event, easy Chicken Malai Kabab is on my to make list.

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