Guest Post on Yummy Food: Roohafza Doodh – Chilled Roohafza Milkshake

Blessed Ramadan Mubarak Everyone!

A few days back Lubna, the author of the wonderful food blog Yummy Food, had contacted me to do a guest post on her blog for Ramadan. And the first thing that popped into my mind was this gorgeous Roohafza Milk, my love since I was a little child.

For the entire month of Ramadan, Lubna is hosting Joy From Fasting To Feasting –VI event, featuring delicious Ramadan recipes by Muslim Food bloggers from around the world. A special thanks to Lubna for coming up with this wonderful idea and for hosting this event.

Thank you Lubna for letting me share your gorgeous space. Head over to Yummy Food for the recipe.

Have a blessed Ramadan everyone!


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4 Responses to “Guest Post on Yummy Food: Roohafza Doodh – Chilled Roohafza Milkshake”

  1. Honored to have you on my blog….Thank you for being part of Joy From Fasting To Feasting – VI…..Have a blessed Ramadan….

    Lubna, it was my pleasure!

  2. I’m not too fond of milkshakes but really love this drink. Wonderful guest post!

  3. A great guest post and a wonderful recipe.

  4. Asalamwallikum Mona

    how will i send you my recipes or where to post my recipes in your website..
    as guest post


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