My Rotimatic Review

A few days back I was contacted by the people at Rotimatic if I was interested in reviewing the worlds first roti making robot. I was elated and very excited. I immediately said yes and I couldn’t wait to receive it.

We have been testing Rotimatic since almost a few weeks and I have simply fallen in love with it.

Rotimatic is the worlds first automatic roti making robot. In most of the desi households women spend a lot of time making rotis for breakfast lunch and dinner. Who doesn’t love to eat roti at meals. And Rotimatic is a blessing for all roti loving families.

As some of you may know, I have been blessed with a second baby Alhamdulillah and she is growing up fast Mashallah. But life with babies means no time to spend in the kitchen and we rely heavily on help, especially on someone who can send home cooked meals. I cannot tell you how much I missed eating roti and if I was able to request someone for a few fresh handmade rotis, I profoundly blessed them.

Heres how it works: To make Rotis, I switch it on and simply fill the containers of the Rotimatic with flour, water and oil, select the level of thickness and the amount of oil I prefer. It takes about 6 minutes to warm up and begins making delicious rotis for us all while I am busy looking after kids and doing other things. The rotis are about 6 inch in diameter, and perfectly roasted and round in shape. I was initially using a brand of flour not suggested for use by Rotimatic and I was getting undone rotis, but when I switched to using Aashirwaad aata, the problem solved. The rotis were simply perfect. It has made my life so much easier and we get to enjoy healthy rotis at meals Alhamdulillah.

I have tried spinach roti, masala roti and plain roti. So many options, how awesome is that. Inshallah I would like to try making aloo roti using Rotimatic. There is also an option for puri making. You need to sync your Rotimatic on your phone and keep yourself updated with all the latest updates.

Rotimatic is pricey and a large and heavy machine that occupies a space similar to that of a microwave oven on your countertop. It does make a loud sound when operating, which I didn’t like. But its a great gadget in my opinion. It makes perfectly round rotis, and the amount of oil it uses even on the max setting is very little, which means it makes very healthy rotis, which are just as good as handmade rotis. If I feel like indulging I simply brush then with ghee or oil. Wrap them all up in a napkin to keep warm and soft. After each use, I simply hand wash the parts which takes me just a few seconds and then after they have dried, the assembly doesn’t take much time either and is very easy.

Power Consumption (Idle vs In-Use)

Power Consumption Chart

Since some people might be curious regarding the power consumption of this machine, I decided to add these numbers in. In comparison, Rotimatic draws power in the same range as an oven. From the power consumption chart for making 10 Rotis, with least thickness and 3/4 roast level, it started to draw in the ~1500W range as it warmed up the griddle, water etc. then once those were warm, the consumption tapers off with peaks when the Rotimatic is making the individual rotis. You can probably make out the 10 peaks for the 10 rotis. The time to make 10 rotis was a little under 30 min when including the cool down time. Due to the WiFi capabilities of Rotimatic, it draws about 2.3W even when turned off, something to note.

Here is a video I made using my Rotimatic which will you give an idea about how this machine works.

I am in love with my Rotimatic and I certainly recommend it. You can purchase this awesome home appliance for yourselves by clicking here.


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