Awards & Honors

Here you can find the details of various mentions that mashallah my blog~’Zaiqa’ has been honored with since it came into existence. I value each and everyone of them.

Published Work – Recipes:

Published Work – Images:

Mentions in Newspapers:

Mentions in Food Blogs:

Guest Post Features:

FoodCommunity Features:

Have you tried one of my recipes and blogged about it?  Or mentioned on your site? Or read about somewhere? I’d love to hear about it!  Drop me an email and let me know!


Awards from fellow bloggers:

1. Yummy Blog Award by Meeso, Zainab and Hameeda

2. Nice Matters Award by Zainab and Hameeda, Priya, Rahin and Lubna

3. Rockin Girl Blogger Award by Meeso

4. Inspiration Award by Zainab and Hameeda, Lavi and Rahin

5. Brilliant Weblog Prize/Brillante Weblog Premio – 2008 by Silvana, Sanhita, Lavi, Yasmeen and Rahin

6. Blogging Friends Forever Award by Skribles and Pallavi

7. Arte Y Pico Award by Padma and Zainab and Hameeda

8. Friendship Blend Award by Yasmeen

9. Butterfly Award by Yasmeen, Geeta and Syeda

10. Great Buddy Award by Yasmeen

11. Kreative Blogger award by Yasmeen and Humaira

12. You are a Sweet Heart Award by Yasmeen

13. I Love Your Blog Award by Priya, Sabita and Humaira

14. One Lovely Blog Award by Humaira, Lavi and Rahin

15. Yum Yum Blog Award by Lavi and Rahin

16. Scrumptious Blog Award by Lavi and Rahin

17. Beautiful Site Award by Lavi and Rahin

18. Giant Bear Hug Award by Lavi and Rahin

19. Best Blog Darts Thinker Award by Rahin and Lavi

20. The 2009 Blogger Appreciation Award by Vinolia

21. Sunshine Award by Yummy Team

Thank you everyone, Cheers!