Plagiarism to what extent?!

Lately I have been seeing a lot of blog content being stolen everywhere in the food blogosphere, sometimes by some websites, blogs or forums, and sometimes by magazines and newapapers. Every other food blogger complains about their content, either in the form of text, or the pictures being stolen away by ‘thiefs’ blatantly. This has left me baffled, dissapointed and very frustrated.

Through sources, I had a few days back discovered a website through which people were coming to my website. I was horrified when I visited this website ‘www(dot)zaaiqa(dot)net’. My blog URL is and the only difference between theirs and mine is an extra single ‘a’ in zaiqa. They have used my blog URL at the footer of their website, and also at their ‘Contact Us’ page, please visit their website to see it for yourselves. I tried contacting them through all possible ways they have mentioned on their website. It seems to be a bogus website using my URL, but how do I ask them why on earth are they using my blog URL at their ‘Contact Us’ page? And how do I report that website as spam? I do not know what and who they are? I need to remove my blog URL from their website as the real owner of my blog is me!, so why are they using my blog URL? Can anyone provide me with suggestions and help me in this regards?

Image Source: Bong Moms Cookbook

I have also discovered an another blog which has stolen a picture from my blog. My recipe picture of Khichdi has been stolen by …. (Updated July 28th ’08:The blogger was sorry on her part and was apologetic to her mistakes. Link to her blog removed upon her request. She has replaced my khichdi photo with her own photo now, and is now posting her own pictures on her blog and doing a great job!)

Do people have no civility to ask before they use anyone’s content? This is not fair, not fair at all. This should be stopped, somehow. Ask us before you want to use our content. Read the Copyright Notice of the website first, seek approval to use the content, and only then, consider of using the material that is not yours! Dont you ask before you wish to use anyones belongings? Its ia common sense.

We food bloggers put in lot of efforts in maintaining a blog for the sake of our passion for food. We write about food, share our zeal, not for people to simply lift away our material. Have some decency people!

All this has left me very disheartened and demoralized.. I hope this shameless act of plagiarism ends soon.

Updated July 28th ’08: I am so delighted and glad! The good news is that both zaaiqa(dot)net website has been closed down and the my recipe pictures has been removed by the blogger as they both had violated the copyright policy of my blog. I thank all those who helped me out in this cause. Cheers!