Weekend Treat

When I first tasted them, I immediately fell in love with these sinful fried cakes.

Vanilla Glazed Donuts with Sprinkles

This long weekend, we had some scrumptious Doughnuts from Tim Hortons as a treat. There are many varieties of doughnuts, and other goodies available at ‘Tim Hortons’. My favorite ones are the ‘Canadian Maple glazed Doughnuts’. Tim Hortons are the largest chain of coffee and baked goods selling chain of restaurants here in Canada. There seems to one at every corner and always brimming with people that love the food available there.

box of a dozen Donuts from Tim Hortons

Doughnuts are considered as a ‘Canadian thing’ and loved by all Canadians so dearly that many have said it should be a Canadian National food. , hence ubiquitious to Canada.

Enjoy the pictures and remember to savor these delicious doughnuts if you are visiting Canada anytime.