Kitchen Utensils, Tools and Gadgets

Kitchen tools, gadgets and utensils are my weakness. Wherever I go I am definite to visit stores that sell them. My hubby knows that very well. Below I have listed a few of the kitchen gadgets that I use in my daily cooking. I will be updating this post with more new gadgets, utensils and tools and they make way into my kitchen.

Kitchen Tools and Utensils (from India)
1. Dal Ghotni
2. Wooden Spoons
3. Roti Tawa-Cast Iron Griddle
4. Copper bottomed Degchi Set

5. Lagan

6. Kadai

7. Non-stick Dosa Tawa – Flat Cast Iron Griddle
8. Set of various Baking pans
9. Cast-Iron skillets
10. KitchenAid Covered Round Casserole
11. Prestige Pressure Cookers
12. Granite Mortar and Pestle

Kitchen Gadgets (from outside India)
1. Kitchen Air Food Processor
2. Magic Bullet (works like magic for grinding all the masalas to fine pastes of powders)

1. Color coated Pressure Handi
2. Nigella Lawson Bliss Herb Chopper Mezzaluna
3. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
4. Clay Cooking Pot