45+ Foods Start With E

When it is asked to write down certain foods that begin with E How many could you think of?

Here, you will find the list of food items that begin with E. Additionally the list is categorised to help you find them quickly. Here are some food items that start using the letter E.


Popular Foods Start With E :

A lot of popular diets are written by using E as their first letter. E as the initial letter. This list contains the most popular foods beginning with the letter E:

  1. Ecrevisse: Crayfish also known as freshwater crayfish is a term used for freshwater crustaceans from the Crayfish family as well as that of the Southern Crayfish family belonging to the Crayfish suborder. In addition, crayfish is just one type of Korean Crayfish.
  2. Edam cheese: Edam cheese has been described as being the most representative cheese from the Netherlands. Its name Edam was named after Edam, the town with the most ports in Edam which is located in North Holland. The exterior is covered with wax and looks similar to the shape of a ball. However, the black color is 17 weeks older than other shades. In contrast to other colors with a scent, it isn’t as strong and tastes like walnut and can be a bit salty.
  3. Egg
  4. Eggnog: Eggnog is a drink made from milk. Mix in sugar, milk, cream egg, cinnamon powdered and so on. Many different alcohols like brandy, rum, and whiskey are also included.
  5. Egg roll 
  6. Egg salad 
  7. Eggo: Eggo is an ice-cream waffle brand that is that is owned by the Kellogg Company and sold in North America. There are a variety of home-styles, miniscules including blueberries, cherries vanilla bliss, strawberries, apple cinnamon and buttermilk. Chocolate chips, as well as thick and fluffy.
  8. Emperor: The term “emperor” refers to the title of a monarch that governs an empire. It is believed that the Chinese character imgeumneun is originally an Chinese word meaning priests who were created for offering sacrifices to God and not to be used to be used for “king” in the case of King Hwang and King Jina.
  9. Emu: Emu is a bird without wings within the family of Emuidae. It is classified as a bird’s-eye and flower family. It is among the birds that can’t fly as ostriches can, and also an animal that was buried at in the Australian State funeral along with Kangaroos. It also has an ostrich on the Australian national football team’s uniform.
  10. Endive: Lettuce refers specifically to bitter-tasting leafy greens belonging to the Chicory genus. It is a single endive species, but as an additional matter, Kikorium fumilum as well as chicory can also be referred to as flowers lettuce.
  11. English sole: It’s sole English feet are the tooth that is flat belonging to the Pleuronectidae family. The Pleuronectidae family is an ocean-based fish that can live at up to 550 meters deep in sand or in mud floors close to the coast and rivers. It can reach 5 centimeters long, and weighs as much as 1.5 kilograms.
  12. English walnut: Walnut trees are large-leaved belonging to the sputum family of trees. The scientific name for it is Juglans regia. They are also known as walnut trees. They are indigenous to the Eurasian continent, from the Balkans up to the Himalayas and then to China in the east. The plant is located in South Korea, it is grown south of Gyeonggi-do.
  13. Escarole: Escarole are a type of meat that is bone-free, and is pounded or chopped by using the knife’s handle or a redhead and me. In the process of breaking down the fibers in the meat that is carried, the it is a soft and thin piece of meat that can be cooked in a short time and with less loss of water. It is later coated with a coating and frittered
  14. Escargot: Escargot is the French name for France’s iconic snail-based food, which is cooked in boiling water before being cooked in an oven, mini oven, with butter, garlic and parsley in its shell. Escargot is made from stew or cooked and eaten. The principal ingredient is Helixformatia which is a reference to French cuisine that has diverse shapes and different ingredients.
  15. Espresso: Espresso, also known as cafe espresso, is a form of coffee with a high concentration that can be extracted through the addition of water at high pressure and at a high temperature to finely pulverized powdered coffee. The early 20th century was when the development of espresso began at Milan, Italy. In the early 20th century the extraction of espresso was purely by the tension of water vapour.



African Foods Start With E

Different African nations have their main meals. A few of these meals are named by the letter E and we’ve listed a few of them below. Here are a few African food items that begin with the letter E:

  1. Eba: Eba is an West African Swallow made of fine gari.
  2. Echicha: Echicha is a unique dish that is only found in the Igbo region in Nigeria that is comprised of coco yams that have been dried, mgbumgmgbu Mic and palm oil. It is typically consumed during the dry seasons when it’s difficult to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. EdikangIkong: Edikangikong is a soup made of vegetables that was first served to the Efik people from Cross River and Akwa Ibom states in the southeastern region of Nigeria. It is considered to be a speciality in the eyes of certain Nigerians and is served during important occasions.
  4. Ekwang: Ekwang is an Nigerian and Cameroonian cuisine that is indigenous to Efik, Ibibio, Bakweri, Bafaw, and Oroko people. It is prepared with freshly grated coconut, wrapped within cocoya leaf. The other ingredients are fresh smoking meat, fish as well as coconut oil, crayfish, palm oil and other condiments.
  5. Eru: Eru is the Cameroon’s specialty soup. It is a favorite of Bayangi people of the Manyu region in the southwestern part of Cameroon. It is a soup of vegetables created by grinding finely on the leaf of Eruna Ok. Eru is made by boiling water leaves and palm oil, spinach smoked fish, crayfish, beef or cowhide.




Caribbean Foods Start With E

Caribbean food is popular for their spicy flavours and are popular. Caribbean dishes are a staple of the Caribbean islands and the surrounding regions. Here are some of the most popular Caribbean dishes that begin with the letter E:

  1. Escovitch fish: A Jamaican dish made from fried rice served with a spicy vinegar-based dressing made of bell peppers and carrots and onions.
Escovitch fish
Escovitch fish


Continental Foods Start With E

When we refer to continental food refers to dishes traditionally served to various parts of Europe. Some of these dishes include letters beginning with E as their initial letters. We have listed a few. Here are some dishes from Europe beginning with E.

  1. Eclairs: Eclairs is an French dessert that has chocolate and cream to top it off. It’s also known as Eclair. Eclair is made of an extended choux shell with cream inside, similar to the choux cream bread. It is distinguished by the presence of chocolate or pongdang on the choux’s surface.
  2. Emmental: Emmental is among the cheeses from Switzerland named in honor of Emmental located in Bern, Switzerland. Its most distinctive aspect is that it has an immense opening in the shape of that of a waterwheel’s wheel. It’s also referred to as “Swiss Cheese.”
  3. English muffin: English muffins are round, small doughs made of yeast that are flat and round. It is usually served with butter, and is commonly consumed by English countries, such as those in the United States and the United Kingdom. The term”American muffin” is frequently employed throughout North America to distinguish between the bread and the more popular muffin referred to as “American muffin.”
  4. Ensaimade: Ensaimade is a snack that was developed by the people of Mallorca located in the Spanish Balearic Islands. It is a popular food consumed in the southwestern region of Europe, Latin America, and in the Philippines. The first written mention of Mallorcan mmada dates from the 17th century.
  5. Entrecote: In French the word entrecote refers to high-quality, premium beef used to cook steaks and roast. Traditional entre coats are made of boneless cuts cut into ribs, similar to steaks that are popular in other regions of the English-speaking globe, like lip-eye, scotch, ribs fillets, clubs or Delmonico.


Fruits Start With E

Do you want to know what fruits are that are spelled starting with E This list has several fruits beginning with E:

  1. Eggfruit: Carnistels can be described as fruit trees that belong to the Sapoteidae family. Carnistels are a fruit called sapote and is also known as yellow Sapote. Its origins are located within North as well as Central America, and it is cultivated throughout Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama.
  2. Eggplant: Eggplants are perennial or annual plant belonging to the family of eggplant that are cultivated in Korea in tropical climates to the temperate.They are not poisonous however, their flowers or leaves could contain a tiny amount of poisonous potatoes.
  3. Elderberry: Woodwood is a genus of flowering plants. Several species are called Elder in English, and the fruit is called Elderberry.
  4. Emblic: Amra is a deciduous tree with female and female currency. It is also known as Amarak, Amaraki. It is indigenous in India in both Southeast Asia and is grown in subtropical and tropical regions. The fruits are utilized as food. It was believed to be a holy tree within Hinduism.


Mexican Foods Start With E

Mexican dishes are delicious and spicy meals that are typical to various regions of Latin America. Here are a few Mexican dishes that begin with the letter E:

  1. Embutido: Embutido also known as Embotido is an Philippine meatloaf made from minced pork that is stuffed with boiled eggs, ham and slices of different sausages. It is usually and wrapped with aluminum foil however, it is also baked.
  2. Empanada: Empanada is a popular Spanish as well as South American dish that is cooked with meat or other vegetables in a pastry dough.
  3. Enchilada: Enchilada is a Mexican food that is consumed with corn tortillas and dried and then sprinkled with spicy sauce. Create beef using meat and cheese, as well as potatoes, beans and seafood. Also, depending on your preferences cheese, sour cream as well as olives, lettuce cut onions, chopped peppers as well as coriander leafs are placed on the top of the enchilada, and consumed.
  4. Ensalada de Fruta: Fruit salads are dish that contains fruit. Not just the fruits but also cornflakes dressing, yogurt, and so on.
  5. Entomatadas: In Tomatada is a common Mexican dish that is made from corn tortillas folded and which are fried in oil before being dipped in garlic, tomato oregano, onions, Chilean serrano, salt-based tomato sauce. The recipe for tomato sauce is different according to the chef.


Oriental Foods Start With E

Foods that originate from Far East Asia are considered oriental cuisine. There are many oriental dishes that begin by the letter E and this list has a selection of these. Here are some foods from the Oriental cuisine that begin with E

  1. Edamame: The beans known as green beans aren’t yet mature and are kept in pods.
  2. Egg tart: Dantat (also known as an egg tart) is form of tartlet that is baked by making the dough thin and then filling it with custard prepared by mixing sugar, egg as well as whipped cream vanilla, and sugar. It’s a dessert created due to the introduction of pastel de Nata from Portugal.
  3. Egg drop soup: A Chinese soup made of wispy, beaten eggs cooked in chicken broth.
  4. Egg tong sui: Engtongsui is a popular tongsui dish in Cantonese cuisine . It is the sweeter version of egg drop soup. It is considered to be more traditional, home-style food as opposed to China because it’s not often offered in any restaurant.
Egg drop soup
Egg drop soup


Indian Foods Start With E 

Similar to dishes from other regions Some Indian food items also begin with the letter”E” and we’ve listed some of these. Here are a few Indian dishes that begin with the letter E:

  1. ElaneerPayasam: A delicious dessert made of delicate coconut pieces, topped with a mixture of coconut milk.
  2. Ellurundai sweet: Healthy snack made with groundnut, black sesame seeds and jaggery syrup.
  3. Erissery: An Indian curry with vegetables and meat served over rice.


Mediterranean Foods Start With E

Mediterranean food items include all the foods made from European nations North African countries, and Middle Eastern countries. Here are a few Mediterranean food items beginning with the letter E:

  1. Ehden: Oven-cooked meat , crushed wheat mix.
  2. El Koura: Lentils and Taro stew.
  3. Escabeche: Escabeche is the title of various dishes that are part of Spanish, Portuguese, Philippine and Latin American cuisine, where fish meat or other vegetables can be cooked with acidic condiments, and then colored with citrus, paprika and other spices.


There’s a chance that we’ve left out certain other foods that start with E So, write us a message in the comments section to inform us of about any food items that start with E that are not listed on our list.