Copyright and Disclaimer

Copyright and Disclaimer

Copyright Policy:

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Ask First before using my website’s content,I might say ‘Yes’!

If you wish to write about my recipes, or link to the posts, contact me, get a written permission from me first, and if you do get my approval, then provide only a small ‘excerpt’ from my post on my website about which you wish to write about on your page and include a hyperlink back to the full entry on my website. Original Images from my website can be used only if purchased. I can’t allow them to be republished if they haven’t been purchased first.


Comment Etiquette:

I love your comments on my blog, and your feedback is what encourages and drives me further. They are the backbone of my blog. Whenever you try any recipe from my blog, please leave a comment/feedback and it will be immensely appreciated. Please be cordial and respectful and lets try to maintain this a pleasant space for us all to learn and improve from one another. Comments which are inappropriate or contain mean language, or considered by the blog owner and administrator to be rude and offensive, will be edited or deleted. Play nice.

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