Bakr-Eid Food Festival

Bakr-Eid Food Festival

Every year on my blog, inshallah I plan to host two events revolving around the only two Eids (festivals) that are celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Bakr Eid or Eid-ul-Adha, is the second Muslim festival that falls on the 10th of Dhu’l-Hiijjah, the Youm-e-Nahr (day of sacrifice). On this day, in memory of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim [on him be peace], an animal sacrifice is offered by Muslims all over.

The Hyderabadi Bakr-Eid Food Festival:

To showcase the typical dishes that are usually prepared by Hyderabadis on Bakr-Eid, inshallah this event will be announced/held every year on my blog for around two months soon after Bakr-Eid/Eid-ul-Adha, so that you can send me the recipes along with pictures of the dishes that are preparing using the Qurbani ka Gosht (meat of the slaughtered animal).

The logo for the event is as follows:

The rules of the event are listed below:

1. Both bloggers as well as non-bloggers can send me Hyderabadi special recipes of the food with pictures that you prepare using ‘Qurbani ka gosht’ which is the meat of the slaughtered animal, which is a Cow, Camel, Goat, Sheep etc, after the Bakr-Eid (Eid-ul-Adha). It can be a snack, curry, kawab, etc whatever you wish. (You can even send me traditional desserts if you wish.)
2. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. Bloggers should link their post to this announcement page. Mail me the entries to with following details :

  • Your Name and blog/website title (if you have one)
  • Recipe link (non-bloggers include the complete recipe)
  • A Picture of the food (300 pixels width)

The roundup with all the recipes that you all sent me will be posted right after the Eid-ul-Fitr inshallah. Below is the list of roundups with all the contributed guest recipes:

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~Announcing The Hyderabadi Bakr-Eid Food Festival-’2010″ – Season II
~ The Hyderabadi Bakr-Eid Food Festival Roundup – Season II

Lets celebrate Bakr-Eid and share the traditional Hyderabadi delicacies with the world. I would love hear from you.