Weekend trip to Niagara Falls

On the last Saturday we had been to the Niagara Falls, nature’s spectacular wonder! It is one of the most amazing things one can see and admire in life. Its natural splendour, beauty and charm is beyond compare. People from all over the world come to watch this beautiful landscape. Its also a place for the newly weds, I found many of them sitting together.

Canadian Horseshoe Falls – Niagara Falls

The little steamboat that you can see close to the falls is the ‘Maid of the Mist’. It is a powerful diesel-engined boat that takes you from the Canadian docks past the base of the American Falls, then into the basin of the magnificent Canadian Horseshoe Falls. A recyclable souvenir raincoat is provided free with admission to help keep you dry from the mist and spray. The Maid departs every 15 minutes and it has a 600 passenger load. I was not able to take a ride in the Maid this time. But, my hubby has promised me that he will make arrangements and definetely take me on that boat in our next trip. Getting that close to the Falls might be an experience one cannot ever forget! I look forward to it. And you guys, if possible, try visiting this place sometime in your life and you will love it.

notice the small deck below for people to have a closer look at the falls

As we are currently living in Canada, we decided that we will from now on take time out of our lives and visit this place atleast once every year.


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