Spring rolls

Indo-Chinese cuisine is every Hyderabadi foodie’s favorite. Infact all Indians love this fusion food. You are bound to come across many small Indo-chinese restaurants and food stalls at every corner in Hyderabad.  

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are an another appetizer items that is predominantly being seen at the menu tables at most of the Hyderabad weddings nowadays. I for one like this finger food immensely and miss those that are served at the Hyderabadi weddings. They are so delectable and have a unique taste.

These spring rolls are my take on them. They are simple to prepare and enjoyed as a snack by all age groups. They can also be served at Iftaar during Ramadhan.

Spring Rolls


Shredded carrots – 3/4 cup
Shredded green cabbage (I used ‘Taiwanese cabbage’) – 1 cup
Shredded cooked boneless Chicken (or) finely diced cooked Shrimp (or) cooked Minced meat/Qimah – 1 cup 
Spring onion stalks – 3
Salt – to taste
Black pepper – 1/4 tsp
Egg wash -1 egg, lightly beaten along with 1 tbsp water
Thawed Spring rolls wrappers – store bought
Canola Oil – to deep fry

Clockwise from top – Taiwanese green cabbage, carrot,
green onions, shredded chicken


-In a large pan, pour 1/2 cup water, and add the shredded carrots, cabbage, spring onions and chicken/shrimp/qimah. Cover and let cook for 8 minutes. Drain and reserve the water for later use. Put the drained vegetables in a bowl, add salt and black pepper and toss to mix well.

Pictorial tutorial to help you wrap up a Spring roll

-Gently seperate the spring roll wrappers from the pack. Place a wrapper on a flat surface with a ponited edge towards you. Keep the rest of the wrappers under a dampened towel. Place about 2 tbsp of the filling in the lower third of the wrapper. Moisten the edges with egg wash. Fold the bottom of the wrapper up and over the filling to enclose it and form a cylinder. Fold the right and left sides of the wrapper into the middle. Then roll the wrapper tighty up to the top. Make sure the roll is tightly sealed and the filling completely enclosed from all sides. Arrange them all, seam side down on a platter. Continue making the rolls until the filling is completely used up.
-Deep fry the prepared rolls in hot oil until lightly browned. Serve them once cooled along with your favorite dip.

I am sending these rolls to Sunday Snacks-Grab and go event and Meals on Wheels event.  


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19 Responses to “Spring rolls”

  1. Yum yum!!!! I want to make some now. I feel the desire to cook, which is very rare for me. Haha.

    One thing I would, as a Nutritionist (cough, not really…I just want to sound smart) like to add is that you should change the Canola Oil to Olive Oil! =]

    JazakAllahu khair for stopping by my blog; glad you discovered it. Now, I just might have to update. 😉

    asalamu alaikum sister.

    Wa-alaikum-As-Salam Sister, I am a Nutritionist and I love both Olive oil and Canola oil as they are the best oils for health. I personally prefer Olive oil only in Salads for its strong flavor, and Canola oil for baking and cooking purpose~Mona

  2. I was just thinking about Indo-Chinese/ Sino-Indian food and my daughter was saying its been a while since I cooked something like that. And now I see spring rolls here, so it must be a sign! 🙂 True, great finger food.
    Spring rolls at weddings, now it’s becoming Indian food!

  3. Execellent!

  4. Hi Mona, I’m a regular visitor here. I want to know how to make crispy, golden fried onions for briyani. When I fry sliced onions it turns dark brown and is bitter in taste. I tried adding lot more oil and on slow heat but nothing to match the pictures in your recipes, especially the Haleem picture. Please provide a picture by picture guide of this process if you can. Thanks!

  5. i don’t do deep fried stuff anymore – but i sure do remember these from not too long ago!! its been ages since I had spring rolls – thanks for reminding me how good these are!!

    ps Noshi: olive oil is definitely the king of oils, but canola is not bad either… its the same heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids making up olive oil.
    plus canola is ideal for deep frying coz it doesn’t impart a flavour to foods like olive oil would!

  6. Thanks Mona for sending this tasty spring rolls to my event 🙂

  7. So crispy and tempting,love the stuffing:)

  8. What a pile Mona! Feel like picking one up. 🙂
    That pic tutorial is real helpful.

  9. Excellent and very tempting too.

  10. These look perfect and irresistible!

  11. Asak mona…love those spring rolls..i make them in ramadan…look at ur pics..feel the urge to make them at least this weekend

  12. Yummy one.. Mona. Thanks for the entry.

  13. Love spring rolls and yours are perfect Mona. And thank you very much for the folding illustrations, I will definitely find use for it. Nice blog! 🙂

  14. mahimaas kitchen Says:

    wwow.. these look heavenly. i dont eat chicken..but can replace with tofu… thanks for visiting my blog mona. u have a wonderful space here.

  15. Nice recipe of the spring rolls.Pic tutorial is just perfect.

  16. can you plzzzzzzzzzzzz giv d recipe on how 2 make spring roll wrappers…itz kinda difficlt fo mi 2 get out f home 2 buy tat….ty

  17. Lovely recipes. But one would like to buy the wrappers in Hyderabad. Not available anywhere I have searched.

    Pattu, you can even make the wrappers at home. You can find the recipe to make home made spring roll wraps from most food blogs.

  18. […] you are ready to fold the roll up.  There’s a picture here on how to do […]

  19. Although I am not Indian, I too love this fusion food. Spring rolls are my favorite go to snack. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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