Cool delight

Fruit lassi~smoothies are my personal favorite options for iftaar when you break fast during Ramadan, or during the morning rush hours for your breakfast. Full of vitamins and minerals, they help replenish nutrients in the body.


My favorite berry is blueberry among all other berries, I admit, and I just love the gorgeous color of blueberry lassi. This smoothie is loaded with long-term-health boosters. It also contains yogurt, a source of bone-strengthening calcium and immune-supporting probiotics. Blend it for breakfast, or Iftaar during Ramadan, and the vitamins, protein, and fiber will replenish your energy and make you feel blooming.

Blueberry Lassi~Smoothie


Organic Blueberries – 300 gms
Low-fat Yogurt – 2/3 cup
Honey – 4 tbsp (or you can also use Turbinado sugar or other natural sweetener to taste)
Almond powder (with skin) – 1 tbsp (or you can also use ground flaxseed instead)
Ice cubes – 4

Blueberry Lassi~Smoothie


Wash the blueberries in surplus water in several changes. Drain and reserve. Combine all ingredients in an electric blender and blend on medium speed until smooth, about 20 seconds. Garnish with fresh berries and serve. (Note: For a nondairy alternative, you can substitute cultured soy for the yogurt.) Pour into glasses and serve chilled.

This is my second entry to the ‘Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival ’09’ that I am hosting on my blog.
Do send me your entries as soon as possible before Ramadan starts. The deadline is 20th August ‘09.


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10 Responses to “Cool delight”

  1. I like blueberries like anything. Just finished 2lbs from PriceChopper (Dixie Rd) in 3 days. I am not going to miss this either.

    I wish you had invited real people to taste delicious entries from your Food Festival. I would be glad to volunteer. 🙂
    Hope you will give this a thought. Just kidding!!

  2. Just look at that lovely blue/purple colour it is so healthy and beautiful.

  3. I just love smoothies, they are so refreshing to have in the morning or at anytime during the day.

  4. That is an amazing colour.

  5. Wow…looks delish…

  6. lucky people you all!

  7. that colour is to die for!!

  8. hmmm,slurrrrrrp, looks mind blowing!

  9. hey mona

    wow very refreshing and nutritious drink.
    berries r full of antioxidants and 1 cup has ony 20-30 cal.

    do u have any recipe for watermelon drink. i luv the way watermelon drink use to taste back home.

    i tried myself but the taste was not as backhome. i blended fresh w/m with water, salt,sugar, icecubes.

    do u know any variation since w/m is good in summer and ramadan both in seher and magrib. w/m has lot of potassium and that helps during fasting.


  10. This is a favorite at my home too 🙂

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