Pumpkin ka Meetha

Pumpkins, during this season are spotted galore at every food market and I had brought a beautiful Pumpkin home a few days back. After enjoying a warming Pumpkin soup, I prepared a simple Pumpkin ka Meetha, just similar to Gajar ka Meetha and Kaddu ka Meetha, and الحمد لله it was delicious.

Pumpkin slices, peeled and cubed

I prepared a very small quantity with left over pumpkin, and it was enough for me and my hubby. If you are thinking of preparing it for a bigger crowd, do increase the quantities accordingly.

Pumpkin ka Meetha/Halwa
Makes- 2 small bowls as in the picture


Pumpkin – 350 gms, peeled and grated (I used Chinese/Japanese variety Pumpkin, however you can try using any Winter squash or Pumpkin variety instead)
Ghee – 2 tbsp
White Sugar – 1/3 cup
Milk – 1/3 cup
Khoa – 2 tbsp, finely grated
Cardamom seed powder – a pinch
Finely Slivered toasted Pistachio+Almond – 1 tbsp

Pumpkin ka Meetha


1. Cut pumpkin in slices. Peel and cut into cubes. Grate the cubed pumpkin. My food processor does the job in a jiffy.

grated pumpkin in the food processor bowl

2. In a stainless steel saucepan at medium high heat and add the grated pumpkin and dry roast it stirring it frequently until most of the moisture is evaporated and it is mostly dry. You will also observe a slight change in color and a nice aroma.
3. Pour in ghee and keep stirring it for 3 minutes. Add milk, khoa, sugar and cardamom powder. Let cook stirring frequently until all the milk has been absorbed, about 10 minutes. Once the halwa is dry, remove from heat and let cool. Once cool, refrigerate and serve garnished with toasted slivered nuts.

Suggested Serving: To impress your guests, serve the chilled meetha in mini pastry cases that are easily available in stores. You can name it as ‘Pumpkin Meetha Tarts’.


23 thoughts on “Pumpkin ka Meetha

  1. What a great dessert! I am totally immersed in pumpkins right now and that recipe would make a welcome addition to the mix! I just have to find out what some of the ingredients are!

  2. Fantastic halwa!must buy this kind of softer variety pumpkin.The pie pumpkin I bought was rock hard ,this sure must save some energy.I’m thinking of using almond flour\meal instead of khoa,do you think it will work ? 😀

    Yasmeen, you can add almond flour/powder and it will give a new flavor to the halwa. For a healthier version you can also use soy milk instead of regular milk. ~Mona

  3. ASAK Mona,

    Hope things r sweet with u jst as the meetha!
    Where did u get khoa from?Meetha looks mouth-watering…mmm

    WaAlaiKumAsSalaam Anhar bh, Alhamdulillah I am doing well. Khoa/Khoya/Mawa is available in the cold section at most of the Indian stores or Bombay Bazaar. Takecare! ~Mona

  4. So funny to find this recipe as my mother n law was just talking about it this past weekend. From your pic a Chinese pumpkin looked like an acorn squash. Is that what it is? Also if someone can’t find Koa I have used ready made barfee instead. Works really well!! Thanks mona for sharing this recipe

    Sarah, I bought the Pumpkin from a store that said the Pumpkin was a Chinese/Japanese variety. I am not sure if it is an Acorn Squash or not.
    At one desperate time, I have used Kalakand instead of Khoa. Using Barfee is interesting, do you have a recipe? ~Mona

  5. Wow, this looks wonderful! I just bought a pumpkin to make pumpkin pie for my husband and roast the seeds. This will be another one to try!

  6. Mona, what is khoa, may I ask? Is it possible to make it or is it store-bought? thanks.

    Zee, Khoa or mawa is reduced milk solids. It is available at most of the Indian stores in the cold section. If it is unavailable, instead of using milk and khoa in this recipe, add unsweetened condensed milk. It is possible to prepare Khoa at home, but it is little bit time-consuming. Inshallah if possible, will post the recipe for Khoa some day. ~Mona

  7. salaamz mona jee…… thanks a lot waise abhi tak maine adhi cook ban chuki hoon pehele i did not even know a single hyderbadi foood to prepare as i am from bangalore..waise apne iska soup kaise banaya tha because i have one year old son i want to make for him

    Wa-AlaiKumAsSalaam Nishat, Inshallah I will email you the recipe. ~Mona

  8. That looks beautiful! Could you show us a picture(or guide us to a link) on what a chinese/japanese pumpkin looks like. Thanks a bunch!

    Nabeela, I bought the Pumpkin from a store that said the Pumpkin was a Chinese/Japanese variety. ~Mona

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