Tali huwi Bhindi

Have I ever told you that bhindi is one of my favorite vegetables?

Lady’s finger/Okra ~ Bhindi

I especially love Tali hui Bhindi, which is also a family favorite. If anyone of you is grossed out by the mucilaginous character of okra, then this dish is for you. Crisp and flavorful okra is the final result, perfect as an accompaniment to meals, a perfect way to enjoy okra. Judge for yourselves.

Tali huwi Bhindi – Crispy okra

Tali hui bhindi, Khatti dal, Chawal and Chicken 65 – our meal today. (Rizruby I tried your Chicken 65, it was yummy!)

Tali huwi Bhindi – Crispy okra


Fresh and tender Okra/Bhendi – 2 lb
Red chilli powder – 1 tsp
Salt – 2 tsp
Canola oil – 4 or 5 tbsp


1. Wash and pat dry fresh okra completely before you begin to cut it. Top and tail each and cut into thin slices. Keep wiping the knife frequently with a clean kitchen towel to remove the viscous substance.

thinly sliced okra

2. In a non-stick heavy bottomed large frying pan at medium high heat, pour oil, as soon as it warms up add the okra slices and gently mix. Let it fry for 3 minutes undisturbed. Give it a gentle stir. Again let it fry for 3-5 minutes and then give it a stir. By now, the okra will start to exude sticky slimy substance and form into a one viscous mass. But do not worry, it will dry off and disappear in just a few minutes. Do not stir and mix the okra a lot (which will result in more viscous stuff), only once in 3-5 minutes and very gently. In a few minutes, you will observe that the okra has shrinked in size and has started to brown. Once it is well browned and nicely fried, sprinkle red chilli powder and mix well. Serve the crisp fried warm okra immediately.

20 thoughts on “Tali huwi Bhindi

  1. assk mona
    thx again for trying my ckicken 65 recipe. i am glad ur familt liked it.

    i was wondering if u have recipe of dum ki bhendi.


  2. All of us love ladysfingers at home, that’s the only vegetable side dish that is finished at a sit ( no leftovers)hehehe

    your stir fry looks simple, crispy and delicious!

  3. Assalamu-alaikum Mona,
    I just wanted to let you know that you are extremely popular among the Hyderabadi crowd around here 🙂 I had a party at home yesterday and many people mentioned your blog. We are all huge fans!

    Nabeela, my pleasure! I am huge fan of your blog too. Missing all your yummy recipes. ~Mona

  4. Love the name, in the Caribbean we simply call it fry okra. However I we do add garlic and onions to the oil and allow to cook before adding the okra. We also use fresh sliced peppers instead of the chili powder.Thx for sharig.

    Happy Cooking


  5. thanks for the recipe, Mona. Do you think we could make it with a packet of frozen cut okra?

    A, I do not recommend using frozen okra at all, as it gets all slimy after getting in contact with water, and also because it not usually available thinly cut. ~Mona

  6. mona, if i were to use 1 whole chicken would it be fine or will it affect the recipe for chicken 65? cos u mentioned using breast meat. thanks a million!

    Zee, I suggest you use only boneless chicken breast meat for chicken 65. ~Mona

  7. salaamz mona great recipie i will make it right now.aur haan i made nibu ka achar it came out so tasty i loved it 😛 thanks

  8. yum … mona I always love your simple recipes & this recipe is one of them will definitely try it 🙂
    I tried your recipe(chicken with Fenugreek leaves)last night…it’s was the first time I cook with Fenugreek leaves & every one in my family loved it 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipes.

    Zainab, my pleasure!. ~Mona

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