Doodh ka Sherbat

Rizruby, one of the very regular commentators, participant and reader of my blog had shared with me her recipe for this wonderful and nourishing drink of nuts and milk a few days ago. She also adds that back home in Hyderabad a beautiful aroma of ‘Oodh’ (Oodh ka dhua) is added to the drink that makes it even more flavorful.

Doodh ka Sherbat – Nuts and Milk Drink

Milk – 5  cups (8 ounce size)
Sugar – 1/4 cup according to ur taste
Cardamom/Elaichi powder – 1/4 tsp
Pistachio/Pista – 40, in number (I use samsclub pistachios without shells, I just wash in plain water to remove the salt)
Almonds – 20, in number (I use samsclub whole almonds)
Saffron – 1 pinch
Fennel/Saunf powder  – 1 tsp  (You can get this in indian stores)


1. Add almonds in a bowl and add water and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Rub off the almonds skins.
2. Grind the peeled almonds and pistachios to a fine powder in coffee grinder. Take this powder in bowl and add some milk to make a paste.
3. Boil the milk on a medium flame. Also add elaichi powder with sugar to milk and stir for a while. Add the nut paste and saunf  powder when milk is ready to be boiled. Stir milk a little. The saunf powder makes the milk taste less sweet, so add sugar now according to your taste. Also add pinch of saffron to boiling milk. Let the milk cool down. Serve cold and store the remaining in refrigerator.

The technique to infuse ‘Oodh ka Dhua’ into milk is as follows:
Place burning oodh onto a small aluminium foil, and invert a large vessel over it so that the vessel collects all the smoke from the burning oodh. In a few minutes, quickly turn the vessel and cover it with a lid. The vessel has all the aromatic smoke from the oodh. Now pour the milk into the vessel and close the lid. Gently swirl and serve.

Recipe and picture belongs to Rizruby

This yummy, creamy and nourishing sherbat is my contribution to Yasmeen’s ‘Healthnut Challenge 3‘ event that is hosting on her super healthy blog ‘Healthnut‘.


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23 Responses to “Doodh ka Sherbat”

  1. Yeah, I remember this was made during muharram ki fateha,Nostalgic drink I must say,thank u RizRuby and Mona:)

  2. Yum! We call it “Badami Haalu” in Kannada, always tasty and healthy too. Good one, Mona! 🙂

  3. assk mona
    i am glad to see u liked my recipe and posted it on ur blog. thx .
    i hope ur bloggers also like it.
    does anyone knows recipe of guud/ jaggery sharbat , also made during muharram. i had very few times jaggery sharbat in india , but it is also very tasty. anyone can let know.
    tc/b4n mona

  4. Mona,
    This one seems to be a little less in calories than the kesari doodh. Never tried saunf with milk, this is a new combo. Thanks for sharing. Is there any specific health benefit?

  5. This is a power house of a drink but very tasty I am sure. Love the color.

  6. thanks to you n rizruby for sharing this recipe, can imagine it with oodh ka dhuan, we would have a similar drink back home too

  7. i like the name ” doodh ka sherbat ” :).It is for sure my kind of sherbat .. milk ,nuts and sugar ..who could pass such a treat??

  8. My Daadi used to make the special drink with oodh.I love Ruby’s recipe too,rich with nuts 😀

  9. Happy New Year Mona!

    My mom used to make this powder mix ahead of time with cardamom powder. She would mix this in hot milk and serve just before we went to bed. But I dont think she added fennel powder.

  10. Love the nuts used it it to make to more creamier and yummier…

  11. Yes we also used to have it during Muharram. My nani used to make the best sharbat in the world. I used to drink it to my heart’s delight. It used to be MITHA RUT, as she used to put it. The lips would stick. I feel bad for my kids. They have missed out on all this.
    Also it is amazing that people so far apart geographically, share the same childhood memories and the taste buds.
    Thanks Mona you are doing a great job.

  12. It’s nice to see all the Hyderabadis here bonding through memories associated with this drink….unfortunately for me, I never came across this drink since my parents aren’t really true Hyderabadis(they’re from UP).
    So, why is it made in Muharram specifically? Does anyone know?

    Nabeela, a tradition which elderly followed I guess. ~Mona

  13. Yum this milk is very delicious. It takes me back to my childhood 🙂

  14. hi,mona
    Doodh ka sharbat the name itself is very delicious and yummy, the milk and its contents seem to be very divine.Thanks Mona for sharing thisrecipe.

  15. Mona
    Your recipe is so appealing to me because I love all the spices and the nuts that are part of it. Can’t wait to try it! Have you ever tried it hot instead of cold?

    TasteofBeirut, this drink is usually served chilled. ~Mona

  16. I make this but never used pistas or saunf! I can imagine the wonderful flavors.

  17. We make something like this & serve it chilled during Holi, & also during summer months. It is called Thandai.It may or may not use milk. & some people use poppy seeds also. Traditionally, almonds, elaichi, pistas, chaar maghaz, saunf are all soaked overnight, almond & pista skins removed, & the wole thing is ground & milk extracted. The it is sweetened with sugar & flavored with elaichi & a pinch of black pepper. That is delicious. This seems to be the hot version of it. And with all the ingredients, how could it not be delicious & healthy, hot or cold? Oh, it made me so nostalgic

  18. How about posting the method for basic gudd ka sharbat, please? I think gudd has health benefits as opposed to sugar, that has only negatives except the taste. My family uses gudd instead of sugar wherever it is possible. Thanks

  19. Hi Mona, How exactly is “oodh ka dhuan” infused into this drink? That sounds very interesting.


    M.R., I have updated the post with the information.

  20. Thank you, Mona.

  21. Also, is this readily available(I’m assuming in the bark form) in HYD or do you get it in the Middle-Eastern countries?


  22. Sorry I clicked on Submit a bit too soon…

    A picture of it would be nice if you don’t mind.

    Thank you.

  23. My dadi used to do a version without the pistas and with khoya, but no one in my family can remember the exact recipe anymore, and I can’t find one online since we just called it muharram ka sharbat. Any idea whether this is the same thing, or something entirely different? Would it work if I replaced the pistachios with more almonds and stirred in some khoya near the end?

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