Deep fried, crisp and sweet. This is how I how I describe my childhood favorite tea time snack~Suhali (plural – suhaliyaan). They are just like poori, but rolled a little thinner than poori for a crisp end result and sprinkled generously with powdered sugar after being deep fried.

Suhali – Deep fried Sweet Discs


All Purpose flour/Maida – 3 cups
Salt – to taste
Canola oil – 3 tbsp

Oil to deep fry
Powdered sugar as topping


Mix flour, oil and salt in a bowl. Add water little by little to make a soft dough. Knead for a couple of minutes. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and keep aside for 15-20 minutes. Knead again for 5 minutes. Pinch off walnut-size balls of dough and roll them between the palms of your hands to smooth round balls. Cover the balls with a kitchen towel. One by one roll the balls into thin discs using as little flour as possible.

Deep fry the discs in hot oil in a deep kadai/wok on both sides until golden and crisp. Remove them using a slotted spoon from hot oil and place on a platter. Immediately sprinkle the fried suhali with powdered sugar. Continue until all are done. Serve when cool. Store at room temperature. Finish within a week.

1. It is necessary that you roll the discs for suhali preparation thinner than you roll for poori.
2. You can add ghee and cold milk to the flour instead of oil and water respectively to make the dough if you wish. My aunt even adds a spoon or two of semolina to the dough.
3. Use as little flour as possible while rolling the suhali.


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8 Responses to “Suhali”

  1. Droolworthy suhali..looks super delicious..

  2. dear, which type of cuisine is this? I am loving this one. I will surely make it soon 🙂

    Please respond me back on my email or on my blog.

    Priya, this is Hyderabadi cuisine.

  3. wow, looks like the fried dough version available here 🙂 yummy 🙂

  4. Deep fried sweets sound good to me!

  5. Hy,
    Chanced upon your space while bloghopping. Lovely space you have with awesome collection of recipes. Glad to follow u.
    Do drop in at my space sometime.

  6. This is something I would love to eat

  7. Suhalis were my childhood favorite, i still love them , for me this is mouth watering and brings back fond memories

  8. wow i didnt know this was a hyderabadi dish
    looks yum

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