44+ Foods Start With B

Have you tried to find a complete list of food items beginning with the letter b?

You’re at the right spot!

If it’s to be used for an project, challenge or project, cookbook, or simply out of desire or a passion for food or cooking, here’s a collection of various types of foods that start in the alphabet B and also useful descriptions to help you.

Foods Start With B

Certain foods are more loved than others, mostly because its popularity is common across all cultures and countries and also how diverse parts of the globe eat and enjoy it. Here are a few of the most loved foods and dishes that begin with B:

  1. Babaco: The babaco is one of the hybrid cultivars belonging to the Genus Vasconcellea that originates from Ecuador. It is a cross between Vasconcellea cundinamarcensis and Vasconcellea stipulata.
  2. Babka: Babka is a sweet cake made of braided dough that was developed within the Jewish communities of Poland, Russia and Ukraine. It is very popular in Israel as well as in the Jewish diaspora.
  3. Bacon
  4. Bacuri: Bacuri is the sole species in the Genus Bacuri that is a monotypic species that belongs to Cluciaceae. The Bacuri tree is a deciduous plant that is native in South America, including Guyana, Brazil, Suriname, Colombia and Paraguay and is indigenous to humid and hot forests which includes in the Amazon rainforest. 
  5. Bagel
  6. Baguette : A baguette baguette can be described as a French bread. It is a long , stick-shaped bread that is made from just 4 ingredients, flour salt as well as water and yeast. It has hard crusts around the exterior. It is thought to be one of the most popular national dishes of France.
  7. Baked Alaska: Baked Alaska is the name of a sponge cake, or dessert that is lightly baked in an oven and served with the addition of ice cream to Christmas pudding.
  8. Baked Ziti: Baked Ziti is a well-loved casserole that is a blend of Italian American cuisine, Ziti pasta , and Napoli’s tomato sauce base. It’s a type that is a variation of alfono pasta. Typically, pasta is cooked separately until it is almost cooked.
  9. Baklava: This is sweet treat that is popular throughout Turkey, Western Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Europe as well as North Africa. The dessert is an Ottoman dessert made of syrup, nuts and yufka and is considered to be as one of the national dishes of Turkey.
  10. Balsamic Chicken
  11. Balsamic Vinegar: Balsamic vinegar is an ancient Italian vinegar that is used to dress salads. It is prepared through boiling juice from the green grapes and then fermenting them in wooden containers. It was during early in the Middle Ages that balsamic vinegar began to be produced. The product is protected under the European Union for the name of its source.
  12. Balut: Balut is a meal made of boiling duck eggs right before hatching. It is enjoyed throughout countries like the Philippines, China, Cambodia as well as Vietnam. In Vietnam it is called the “Seungbitron” or “Hotbitron”. It looks like a grumpy food since eggs are cooked just before they hatch, but it’s also believed as a good source of energy, as a protein-rich food.
  13. Banana
  14. Banh Mi: It’s an Vietnamese word meaning bainmi , or “bread,” which is a type of Vietnamese baguette bread that is not found in Vietnam. Sandwiches made of bain mi are known as bain mi kap. It means “stuck bread,” or bain mi saigon which translates to “saigong bread.” In Korea it’s also known as anti-American.
  15. Baobab: Baobab tree belongs to the genus belonging to the subfamily Auk.
  16. Baozi: Baozi is a spicy Chinese dish that can be one of the fillings such as bread and dumplings.
  17. Barbecue
  18. Barley Soup
  19. Bavarian cream: Barbarua is a sweet made with eggs, milk gelatin, spices, sugar and cream whipped.
  20. Beach Plum: Prunus maritima, also known as a sea plum is that is native to the eastern shores in the United States from Maine to Maryland.
  21. Beans
  22. Beautyberries: Callicarpa is one of the genus that includes small trees and shrubs that belong to the family of Lamiaceae. 
  23. Bechamel Sauce: Beshamel sauce is an white condiment made of milk. Originating as an Italian sauce, it’s today one of the most popular sauces used in French cuisine, and serves as the basis of other sauces, such as the inclusion of cheese in the preparation of Mornean sauce.
  24. Beef
  25. Beets: Beet is the source of beet, which is a plant belonging to the family of Biomyidae. 
  26. Bibimbap: Bibimbap is an authentic Korean rice dish from Korea. 
  27. Biscuits
  28. Bitter Lemon
  29. Black Apple: Apples with black diamonds are scarce kind of Huaniu apples that are grown throughout Tibet, Nyingchi. 
  30. Bottarga: Bottargar is a popular ingredient for Mediterranean cooking. The roe of the mullet fish (also known as tuna) is dried using salt.
  31. Bouillabaisse: Bouillabaisse is a popular local fish stew, which originates in Marseille, French port town of Marseille.
  32. Boysenberry: Boyzenberry is a mix of raspberries, raspberries and loganberries.
  33. Brownies
  34. Bruschetta: Bruschetta is an Italian dish served by baking bread coated with garlic and adding garlic, olive oil, salt pepper, plums, and salt on top. 
  35. Brush Cherry: Syzygium paniculatum or magenta the lily filly or the magenta cherries, are a kind of flowering plant belonging to Myrtaceae and Myrtaceae indigenous in New South Wales, Australia. 
  36. Buckwheat: Buckwheat is an annual herb belonging to the Madiidae family.
  37. Buddha’s hand: It is a tree belonging to the Unhyang family. It is a cultivable plant within the Genus Tangerine It is a pure cultivar and not a crossbreed and it is distinct in shape from the round citron cultivar and variety, however there isn’t a significant genetic distinction.
  38. Burgoo: Burgoo is a stew comparable in taste to Irish or Mulligan stew. It is usually consumed with corn bread, or muffins. It is usually held as a gathering for friends. 
  39. Burrito
  40. Bush Tomato Soup
  41. Butter
  42. Butter Beans: Lima beans grow as perennial plants belonging to the bean family.
  43. Buttermilk
  44. Button Mangosteen: Garcinia prarinia is also known in the trade names Burton Mangosteen as well as Kerafu is a kind of Garcinia. It’s akin to his cousin, the purple mangosteen. It is a fruit with an intriguing taste when compared to Tangerines.